Thursday, July 9, 2009

Late-Night SUPER Pancake!

We typically get groceries on Tuesdays. I plan out a week's worth of meals and then make a grocery list accordingly, otherwise I end up with a cart full of nonsense (hello, oreos!) and the constant "there is nothing to eat in this house" plaguing me for a week. By Tuesday, the cupboards are usually bare, save for a staple here and there and a whole lotta spices. This week, however, we had a ton of random leftovers kicking around on Tuesday so I thought hmmm maybe I'll just go on Wednesday this week. When Wednesday rolled around I thought hmmmm I wonder if I can delay this just one more day so that I can go to the farmer's market tomorrow, rather than the supermarket today.

So, for dinner last night I managed to scrape together a bunch of not quite bad foodstuffs and made a quinoa casserole. The problem was that we didn't really have lunch (because we were busy, and also because a couple flakes of cereal weren't quite doing the trick) so we had a really early dinner. Meaning that we were starving by 9pm and our kitchen was not only out of food, it appeared to be out of the basic elements of food.

Please note that I do not condone this type of grocery russian-roulette (okay, maybe that expression is a tad excessive) because it can almost guarantee that you will eat like crap and subsequently feel like crap. But I really, really wanted to go to the market and get everything absolutely fresh -- it is summer after all, and the luxury of local freshness is fleeting in these parts... pretty soon I will be living on winter squash again.

So, last night before bed we macgyvered our way through pancake making...we laugh in the face of depleting kitchen resources! [Note - I also do not condone sugar highs before bed]

We had flour...a TINY bit of rice milk...baking powder and, could it be...enjoy life chocolate chips which we NEVER have, but I bought because they were 50% off when my beloved Green Door closed its doors.

We put together the monstrosity pictured above, split it in half, smothered in agave, et voila - a late-night super pancake that we enjoyed on the floor of our living room because that is the only way we can see what is happening on the tiny tv screen that we currently have down there..yes, Stevie the TV is still in the hospital! :(

And yes, we did go to the farmer's market this morning and now have a kitchen full of fresh broccoli, peppers, onions, potatoes, garlic, avocado, arugula, carrots, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries and rhubarb (you know what that means -- summer pie time!).


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