Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lentilball Subs

I have always had a weird aversion to leftovers. I think it's because I am kind of a germaphobe and somewhere along the line a Discovery show drew my attention to the bacteria that grows in last night's dinner as it sits away in the fridge. It is ridiculous and wasteful both in terms of throwing out perfectly good food AND in terms of the time spent in the kitchen.

With things as busy as they are these days, I've jumped on the meal planning bandwagon. Not only do I map out our meals for the week (so that we don't go to the supermarket and spend $100 on nothing and then starve for the week), but in an effort to save time and money I've been plotting meals that incorporate the same staples so that I don't overbuy. I know, this is like "Life Basics 101"...but being that as little as two years ago I didn't cook at all (toast was considered an extravagance), this is kind of new territory for me.

One of our favourite meals is spaghetti and lentilballs. Making the lentilballs isn't that difficult, but it is a bit time consuming because you have to cook the rice and lentils first, then put all the ingredients together and then bake them for a half hour or so. This week I thought I would try doubling the recipe and using the leftovers for lentilball subs (a vegan version of the classic deli meatball sub). Look at those cute lentilballs!

This all happened to coincide with my discovery of the Grainharvest Bakery and their assortment of vegan-friendly bread products (after sensing my utter euphoria at the plethora of fresh baked dairy-free and sugar-free breadstuffs the lady even offered us each a FREE soft you know how long it's been since I've had a soft pretzel?!!!). The only downside was that she didn't have any fresh baked whole grain buns available when we were in there, but told me to call ahead next time and she would whip some up. Awesome.

I followed Isa's recipe for Brooklyn-style "red" (marinara) sauce:

We stuffed the buns with lots of baby spinach, red onion and green pepper. It turned into quite possibly the messiest meal ever eaten in our kitchen (as evidenced by the picture above), but also one of the most delicious.

Leftovers, for the win!


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