Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Other B.L.T.

BASIL, Lettuce and Tomato!

I tried my hand at organic gardening for the first time this year and the results have been mixed. I'd like to think it partly has to do with the fact that we've had a ridiculous summer weather-wise...super cold and rainy, then super hot, then rain for ten days straight. But I'm pretty sure it's just because I fail in that department.

My beans didn't take at all. My field lettuce was pretty good. My bell peppers have been okay, except for the lot that earwigs decided to make their home. Lesson learned: if there is a tiny little hole in a pepper, do not attempt to cook it...ohh, you should have heard the screaming coming from my kitchen when I cut that sucker open.

I'm not so big on bugs. I am more than willing to coexist with them...but having them in my food really freaks me out. I let him keep the pepper and set him free on the back porch. Earwig: 1, Mary: 0. I did use another one in polenta the other day and he was earwig free and delicious, so I guess I get a half point for that.

My tomatoes are finally starting to come around and they are actually quite wonderful! I have cherry, beefsteak and errr...standard issue? The cherry have been ready for awhile and we've been using them for salads, in tacos and as snacks fresh off the tree.

Yesterday, however, marked the first beefsteak tomato day!

Of course, I had to make a toasted tomato...a favourite in our house throughout the summer (even before we were veg) and I have been simply dying for one using my own tomatoes. It was amazing.

The toasted tomato is an awesome sandwich...IMO it doesn't get the credit it deserves for such awesomeness. Especially when people weigh it down with all that nasty bacon ;P.

If you've got the resource, I'd also highly recommend a B.A.L.T. Yes, a balt. Basil-Avocado-Tomato-Lettuce. That one is my most favourite, but I had devoured the last of our avocado the night before.


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