Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Portobello Burger


I marinated two incredibly massive portobello mushrooms in a homemade BBQ-sauce concoction. Smoky BBQ flavour, to be exact. I've recently stopped buying bottled BBQ sauces because of the ridiculous amounts of sugar and even high-fructose corn syrup found in them (blegh...is that really necessary?!). Don't get me wrong, my version has sugar...just of the raw cane variety and far less of it. We threw them on the grill for about 10 minutes until they were nice, charred and strangely 'meaty'.

I had never had a portobello burger before, which is weird because it's kind of a vegan staple. And I learned a valuable lesson, something I have known all along but often stray from: enough with trying to mimic non-vegan foods and instead fall in love with what is vegan and natural. Not that tempeh burgers are evil and bad for you in any way; a portobello is just better. It still had dirt on it when I bought it, how's that for natural!

I am so very desperate for veganism to return to its roots (pun): VEGETABLES! Convenience foods will always have their place in the back of our freezers, but there is so much to be said for avoiding them when you can. Grilling mushrooms instead of frozen veggie burger patties is a good start and something I think even omnivores can get on board with.

We topped them with tomato, avocado chunks and red onion, and found that the BBQ flavour elminated the need for any mustard or ketchup. Any burger fixings will do, though. Paired with some baked sweet potato fries and a cob of fresh-picked Ontario corn, and you've got yourself a tasty little late summer meal there.


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