Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fried Eggplant Sammies

It's estimated that 0.5-1% of the North American population identifies as vegan. That's (unfortunately) kind of a low number. You know what's even lower? The number of self-identifying vegans that also like country music. I'd estimate that as 1% of the original 1%*. Veganism and country music are not-so-much of the same cloth.

I, however, kind of like country music. Kind of a an extension of my liking all kinds of music. But don't worry, I am aware of the inherent anti-vegan message in a lot of mainstream country these days. All the same, I like a good party song, and they tend to provide.

Zac Brown Band had a song this past summer called "Chicken Fried". As much as I like them, I obviously do not endorse such a message...and so if you caught me driving down the freeway over the last few months singing at the top of my lungs it probably was something along the lines of

"A little bit of TOFU fried...cold beer on a Friday night...a pair of jeans that fit just right...and the radio on"

Well, now that these sandwiches are in my life I'm going to have to modify my lyrics to "a little bit of EGGPLANT fried".

I can't take credit for these little gems. My mom graciously made us an eggplant lasagna plus several little fried eggplants to eat as leftovers because my school schedule has been making me a little more than scattered and exhausted lately. She also made the buns from scratch. We basically just cut some tomato slices, grabbed bunches of spinach and spread jalepeno hummus on the buns. So really, we did nothing. But I had to share a picture of these sandwiches because they were so so so so good and tasted like they just came from a cold deli somewhere.

*I really have no idea about this statistic. Quite frankly, I made it up. Me = worst Master's of Sociology student EVER!


cadryskitchen said...

I'm a vegan who likes country music too! Fun post, and those sandwiches look amazing.

Noelley B said...

Eggplants are delicious! I always use the little Asian ones, so I never thought to put them on a sandwich. What a great idea. And as probably the only vegetarian old-timey blue grass fan in Seattle, I really feel you on the music thing!

Mary said...

Thanks guys!
I hadn't thought of doing them on a sandwich either, but after biting into them they definitely had a deli taste to them.

Good to know there's more country fans out there...I will have to raise that estimated percentage up a tad! ;)

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