Thursday, September 24, 2009

Macaroni & Cheeze

Once upon a time, I loved me some boxed macaroni and cheese...especially at 4 in the morning after a night out dancing (and perhaps a bit too much Jose Cuervo). My old bones rarely make it out to the bar these days, but sometimes comfort-in-a-bowl is all I want.

In order to stand the authenticity test, vegan mac and cheeze has to be two things: 1) Delicious and 2) Convenient. Because let's face it, the majority of people don't eat mac and cheese because it's the greatest food on the planet. They eat it because it tastes alright, it's done quickly, and it probably reminds them of a simpler time in their lives. I've posted about my mac and cheeze casserole which fulfills criteria #1, but not so much criteria #2 as it involves making a roux and then 30 minutes in the oven before you can eat it.

There is no way I'm doing all that work at 4am...that mac and cheeze casserole is reserved for lazy Sunday evenings and nothing more.

As such, I've been patiently devouring teh internetz for a mac and cheeze recipe that is both delicious and convenient (bonus points for taste-authenticity). I've seen the boxed of soy-based mac and cheeze varieties in health food stores but I just can't bring myself to try them. I really, really don't like the taste of fake cheese and I just can't get on board with it (no matter how many ways I've tried it), so I figure the boxed stuff will be similarly disappointing. Besides, homemade is always better!

I have about a dozen mac and cheeze recipes saved on my computer that I'm making my way through and so far, Susan V's daughter-approved mac and cheeze is the winner.

This is what I like about it:
- It tastes really good
- It even leaves that cheezy orange residue on your fork like the real stuff does (I couldn't resist including that in the picture for this entry)
- It has, like, 300% of your daily intake of B12 (or more, if your dairy-free milk is fortified - just be sure to buy the right kind of nutritional yeast!)
- The macaroni goes in the pot...the sauce ingredients go in the blender. Andddd you're pretty much done.
- No creepy orange powder-in-paper-packet required!!!

We really loved it on its own but I think it would be absolutely awesome with some chipotles in it (because we put chipotles in pretty much everything). I think next time I make it I'm going to throw in some chipotle baked beans (extra protein, ftw)..yum!

P.S. If you're not already a follower, check out This is Why You're Thin (vegan food porn at its FINEST) lentil-ball sub is currently being featured!


Jennifer Brindley said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate the comments and look forward to peeking around your blog as well! And don't worry, I know not all vegans are like the buttfaces over at PETA. :)

And This is Why You're Thin is a hilarious idea as opposed to This is Why You're Fat. :)

Oh, and I love Mac n Cheese, couldn't give it up in the long term. Srsly.

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Mary said...

Great to hear from you!!
There was a time I felt the same way about mac and'd be surprised what you can live without! (and I was the pickiest eater on the planet before I was vegan).

Thanks for stopping by!!!

cswhitchurch said...

I just discovered your site, and I'm thrilled! Made the mac n cheeze and the peach cobbler today. Amazing! Can't wait to try more of your recipes. Thanks so much :)


Mary said...

Glad you've found something you like!
If a recipe isn't clear (as I don't repost recipes that aren't mine, just provide links) feel free to drop me an email and I can look into it for you :).

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