Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Raw Caesar Salad Dressing

I've been hearing nothing but great things about a raw/living food diet and after seeing such amazing photos posted all around the interwebs I have decided to try and incorporate more raw into my own diet. This is kind of a feat for me because the big baby side of me is saying in the whiniest voice possible "but i hateeee raw vegetables!!". While hate is probably a strong word, I generally prefer most vegetables to be cooked a little bit and I am probably the only vegan on the planet that doesn't really like salad. Not that all raw vegan food is salad...on the contrary, actually. It's just that The Big Baby is worried that everything is going to taste like salad.

Now, I should note that pre-vegan the only salad that was permitted by The Big Baby was caesar. As a teenager it was pretty much the only thing I would order at restaurants and probably the number one thing I missed when I went vegetarian. You may recall I found a recipe for vegan caesar dressing made from silken tofu, vegan parmesan cheeze, garlic, dijon mustard and a ton of olive oil. And it was good...really good, actually but I don't like using soy compounds that mimic meat and dairy and the amount of oil that went into it was a little off putting.

Flipping through Dreena Burton's Eat, Drink & Be Vegan I stumbled on her recipe for a raw living caesar dressing made from raw nuts and a tiny bit of oil (the rest water) and it is SO GOOD. Note that it does call for agave syrup which is hotly debated in veganism because of not only issues relating to fructose ratings but also because the term "raw" is argued to be deceptive because of the highly processed nature of the product. I don't know how accurate any of these claims are, but I've made it without the agave and it tastes fine.

Now, if you are looking for the most authentic vegan caesar dressing you'd probably prefer the fake version because it's quite startling how much it tastes like non-vegan caesar dressing. Not that the living caesar dressing doesn't taste good or tastes nothing like caesar dressing, it's just different and not quite as heavy or thick. I actually like it better because it has a fresher, lighter taste than the alternative.

And while we're at it, skip the prepackaged chick'n and grill up some tofu with bbq sauce and we have a much healthier version of the un-chicken un-caesar than the one I posted about months ago.


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