Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lentil Soup

Susan V calls this "Rainy Day Lentil Soup" but I think in a two-person household it is more accurate to refer to it as "Rainy Week Soup", as it not only rained for 4 days straight there was enough of it for four meals.

It's been rainy. And cold. It's too early to turn on the would be psychologically damaging to do admit defeat so early into Fall. So instead we've been wearing layers and fuzzy socks and living on hot chocolate and warm bowls of soup like the above.

I'm kind of a mentally and emotionally exhausted little vegan today. It's the start of hunting season (or so I'm told) which often means the start of "let's make fun of the vegans while we're at it" season, and so far today I've been challenged, degraded, mocked... and it's only just after noon. I very rarely care but sometimes it's exhausting to constantly be on the defensive, everyone waiting for you to screw up or searching for some sort of "hole" in your reasoning and methods. As such, I apologize for the lack of pizazz in this entry.

Anyway, celebrate October with a warm bowl of lentil soup (recipe here), you won't regret it. I like my lentils a bit more mushy (and I don't have a pressure cooker) so I cooked them longer and it made for a soup a bit thicker than Susan's, but still very good.

Finally, because this entry has been kind of a downer, I'm going to include a picture of the pretty autumn-themed bouquet the husband surprised me with last night. Have a wonderful day, everyone!


The Voracious Vegan said...

SO sorry about the rain and the start of hunting/make fun of the vegan season. It really can be a drain to always be on the defensive, can't it? Sometimes I find myself mentally rehearsing what to say before going to a party for the inevitable 'where do you get your protein, but animals taste so good, but its natural,' UGHG.

ANYWAY. Your soup looks amazing!

Mary said...

Thanks so much! I'm loving soup right now, I can't get enough.
It's very true..I generally don't mind, people are usually just curious but the second voices start to rise and I sense some tension, I find it really exhausting. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is sincere and who is trying to get some ammo to use against you in a later "debate".

Gina said...

Everyone seems to be loving on the soup lately, I am getting so jealous, I need the time fairy to come and bless with an extra day this weekend!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Ooo this soup sounds fab! Not only is it raining everyday here this past week, but I have an awful cold, so this soup would do wonders!

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