Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maple Walnut Cookies and Hot Apple Cider

This week, Paul is taking a course Monday-Saturday and so he is in classes all day and doing coursework at night. It also means he has to pack a lunch everyday, something neither of us are particularly fond of doing. Back in his omni factory/construction-worker days he would buy loads of lunchmeat and Jos Louis and call it a day. While there IS such thing as vegan lunchmeat and it tastes quite decent, it isn't exactly cheap and probably not the best for you. Most of them have preservatives and are often highly processed and further, we generally try and limit our soy intake to edamame and tofu/tempeh (rather than isolated proteins) so these are not an everyday item in our house. Instead, we cooked up a vegan gluten roast like we did for Thanksgiving, thinly sliced it, et voila - homemade soy-free vegan deli slices!

If you remember grade school like I do, a sandwich hardly constitutes a packed lunch. Back in the day, it was all about snacks and treats at recess! While I doubt there is recess in real estate education, who says midday treats are only for kids.

While I rarely make cookies for just the two of us, I decided to make a batch of Maple Walnut cookies a la Isa Chandra Moskowitz (via Vegan with a Vengeance and recipe posted at this blog) because I was excited at the prospect of maple extract (seriously, I did not know this existed until I saw her recipe). Besides, as an eternal university student, no one understands better than I do that a little sugar rush goes a long way while pouring over the books.

While they were meant to be all for Paul and his scholarly adventures, I couldn't resist trying one (or three) over a mug full of piping hot apple cider (seasoned with pumpkin pie spice) on a particularly gloomy October night. The rest are for him - I swear!

Turns out his packed lunch wasn't so bad after all, although he mentioned that out of a class of 35 it was only him and another student who bring their lunches from home. Everyone else went and got fast food. 6 days of fast food...ew? I sure hope those folks apologize to their colons and their bank accounts.


The Voracious Vegan said...

So sweet of you to make him those cookies, they sound delicious!

Mary said...

Ah..he wasn't all that keen about having to take this course, so it was the least I could do! Plus I was dying to see what maple extract was all about!

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