Thursday, November 12, 2009

Buffalo Seitan Wingz

Holy Mother of All Things Vegan.

Not eating chicken wings is often equated with social suicide around these parts and admittedly, before veg we lived off them ourselves. We had them at least twice a week back then. It still baffles me that I couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight...I must have known deep down I just didn't want to know so Freud hooked me up with a little repression.

I don't miss them at all (even the term 'wing' now gives me the heebie jeebies), although I do miss the social interaction that often revolved around them, which won't necessarily be mediated by this vegan variety since it can be difficult to get omnis to try vegan foods. But it is always, ALWAYS cool when you can veganize something as non-vegan as a chicken wing. And, being the new veg that he is, the way Paul freaked out when he tasted them makes me think that maybe, just maybe they will pass the omni test (currently searching for test subjects - unlike traditional animal test subjects there will be no harm done to you, unless you consider awesomeness harm). Although it is often quite difficult to test these types of things on omnis because people expect things to taste exactly like their non-vegan alternatives and judge them based solely on that criteria alone and not whether or not they taste good of their own merit. It can be quite frustrating as a vegan cook and one of the reasons I very rarely try to mimic or make alternatives to things.

But this was all about my Paul, who never criticizes anything I cook even when it's really, really bad. And instead of the quiet "oh ya, it's good" meaning it's really not that good, his entire face lit up over these suckers. He pretty much took control of making them...which was fine by me because I had other side dishes to tend to. It was actually kind of cute, we were like a little gender-typed couple, him "manning" the "meat" and me making salad. (A little feminist-based humour as a nod to my gender relations past for your Thursday morning.)

The recipe for the wingz is here, on Vegan Dad. I couldn't find bamboo skewers, so we just didn't use them. As you can see Paul tried to shape a couple like traditional wings just to be cute, but it was too much work so we just ditched that idea and made them more like strips:

The one change I think I will make is baking them completely and then putting the sauce on because the wings we are used to around here are smothered in so much crap that it's all over your face (and in your hair...and on the ceiling) when you are finished with them. Obviously that much sauce is not good for anyone's insides, but I think we missed the stickiness a bit by doing them this way (although still very, very good). Vegan Dad actually made these a second time and they do look a bit stickier as well. There's a good chance we didn't use enough sauce either.

The side dish is garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes from How it all Vegan. And I also made a spinach and cucumber salad with Creamy Basil Dressing (from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan):

Oh, and for the best part...we used the leftovers for lunch the next day....BUFFALO SEITAN SANDWICHES! Hells ya we went there!


The Voracious Vegan said...

I can't even believe all the deliciousness in this post! I have my own much loved recipe for vegan hot wings but I am going to have to try these because they look AMAZING!

Thank you for sharing and for these beautiful photos.

Toni said...

Man, I'm not even vegetarian (yet), but the food in your blog makes me much more comfortable pursuing that lifestyle because... man... everything looks SO good.

I think I just drooled.

Mary said...

Thank you so much to the both of you! We just made these less than a week ago and we're already sitting here going "hm some buffalo seitan sandwiches would be good tonight".

Toni - for me, the key to my transition was variety...always trying new recipes and avoiding having the same things to eat every day. That's basically how this blog came about...documenting all the new things we did try. Now we go two months without ever having the same dinner twice :) and I've never faltered on veganism at all. I find it's actually expanded my eating repertoire than as an omni or a vegetarian because I am more open to trying new things than I was before. Good luck!!

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