Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Cheer in a Glass

Before I was vegan, my favourite Christmas drink was a glass of Baileys on ice with a candy cane stir stick. While Baileys is no longer on the menu, I was very excited to learn that most varieties of the equally-festive Kahlua are vegan-friendly (thank you for confirming that!).

This is a very simple drink and so I'm not sure it warrants its own entry, but it makes for such a pretty picture that I couldn't resist. Kahlua and rice milk, who would have thought the Christmas awesomeness that this combo could bring on. I find rice milk makes for the perfect mix because it is the mildest of the non-dairy milks and has a sweet hint to it that is reminiscent of rice pudding. If you're feeling a little extra indulgent, break out the blender and turn it into a milkshake with some vegan-friendly vanilla ice cream (but shh, you didn't hear that from me. I would never condone that many empty calories!......... Who am I kidding, I am totally planning on doing this tonight).

No festive drink is complete without a little candy cane flavour along the rim of the glass. A cool find at the supermarket this year - organic, fair trade candy canes! First time I've seen them around these parts. It's a lot of work to crush them, so go ahead and use one as a stir stick instead. Be careful, they melt quickly and the drink can take on a very strong peppermint flavour (who's complaining though, it's Christmas!)

This is a cute drink that is simple enough to make while entertaining over the holidays (which means you'll have time to enjoy the festivity yourself..what a concept!). It looks fancy enough that it just might impress those you're serving it to. If you're not doing much entertaining over Christmas, it also makes a great treat for yourself while curled up next to the tree with your favourite Christmas movie (may I suggest one that features 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights?).


The Voracious Vegan said...

That is so gorgeously Christmasy! I love it!

Dairy Free Betty said...

ooooooh yummmmm... Kaluha is one of my fav things!! :) I didn't realize it was no dairy!! I think you just made my DAY!!!!!! :)

I wonder if it will taste good with Almond Milk?! hmmm..

I'm soooo excited... thank you for sharing your pretty drink!

Toni said...

Bailey's is my favorite too and, sadly, I just realized that we have none. Not that I was going to start drinking at 10am. It does sound good though for tonight. I love the crushed candy cane along the rim! Super cute.

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