Monday, December 7, 2009

Tofu Tacos

Believe it or not, up until we made these on Friday night I had never had a hard taco before. We usually buy Eziekiel brand wraps for all our south-of-the-border meals to make them just a bit more healthy, but because we were trying a new kind of taco I figured we should try a new kind of shell too.

We make tacos all the time. Usually on particularly busy days, where a package of ground round goes a long way in getting the meal on the table within ten minutes. But, you know how I feel about prepackaged foods...acceptable in times of desperation, but it really shouldn't be the focus of our diets. Plus, when I eat soy I want it to be organic because of all the funky crap they seem to be doing with soy these days and so making vegan taco filling with organic tofu is a priority.

This is really, really straightforward. It's basically crumbled tofu, a bunch of spices and a mushroom-based tomato sauce (the mushrooms give it a thick 'beefy' kind of flavour - next time I think we'll just use regular homemade tomato sauce and dice up some fresh portobellos instead).

The recipe came from the cookbook CalciYum, a book I've mentioned before, which focuses on providing animal-free meals that are packed full of calciyum (although they never use the term 'vegan', every recipe within it is vegan). Tofu, while flawed and not the healthiest food in the world, is loaded with calcium and so I don't think it necessarily needs to be avoided completely. Between the two of us we eat about half a brick of tofu a week, and substitute tempeh in when applicable because it's a bit more health-friendly than tofu. That being said, while these tacos do take a full pack of extra firm tofu, as long as you're not eating it every day I would give it a try.

And because they are upping the calcium, these tacos feature sliced okra:

Not just for gumbos anymore, my friends!

We topped them with diced tomatoes and fresh arugula and baby spinach (hooray for more calcium!). Also, if the taco shell crumbling gets annoying, just break them in little pieces overtop the filling and fresh veggies...makes a mean taco salad!


Dairy Free Betty said...

Yummy... these look soo good!! I'm looking for a "meat free" monday meal!! This may be it! :)

BethR said...

we just happen to be having taco night around here tonight!

i'm simmering homemade seitan for it now and would like to say seitan tacos are pretty good. i crumble the seitan and mix it with beans and simply organic's taco seasoning.

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