Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cream Cheeze Chocolate Chip Brownies

It's kind of ridiculous that the post I choose to follow my rant on how healthy being vegan is is about brownies. Ridiculous and AWESOME!

One of my Christmas gifts from Paul this year was Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and I've been dying to try it since I ripped off the wrapping paper. We were on a bit of a sugar high for the first few weeks after Christmas so that was not a good time, and then all of my baking time revolved around cupcakes for Project: Cupcakes Care to the point where the last thing in the WORLD I wanted to do when all was said and done was bake another gosh darn thing.

Finally, yesterday presented an excuse to give the cookbook a good old fashioned workout, as some friends of ours moved into a new loft and invited us over for a housewarming party.

I have a rule about baking. As much as I love it, I only permit myself to bake for special occasions/holidays OR at a time when the fruits of my labour will be consumed by someone other than myself. I have no willpower. And so, if left to my own devices, it would be me and a platter of brownies writhing about on the floor.

I made a double batch of the brownies, half of which were plain chocolate and the other half cream cheeze chocolate chip.

I've read a lot of criticisms about Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar floating about teh interwebz and I don't think this recipe in particular warrants harsh criticisms. I think Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a genious in her baking apron, and I expect more of these recipes to be successes.

I'm kind of a brownie snob. I don't think that brownies should taste like chocolate cake, but I also don't like them to be too rich and dense. I think this recipe achieved that delicate balance well. And honestly, how can anything smothered in Tofutti and sugar taste bad?

I'm sure there was something further I wanted to say but it appears my brain has departed after getting home at 4am and getting up at 8am. My voice also appears to have left me high and dry, as we spent a good chunk of the night playing Catch Phrase and because my Croatian heritage prevents me from having any sort of volume control I spent the majority of the night screaming answers (that were usually very, very incorrect).

Oh! I did want to give the This is Vegan Seal of Approval to a crazy card game about planting and harvesting beans!

By the time everyone was playing this I was two glasses of red in and so I'm not going to pretend like I knew what the hell was going on, but it seemed super intense and because it is about beans I think it is vegan appropriate. I definitely looked it up online today and I am definitely going to buy it!

[KP figured out how to play said bean game; I am very jealous]


Bliss Doubt said...

" and a platter of brownies writhing about on the floor."

Ha! I can so relate. I hardly ever bake either, for the same reason, unless I'm taking it to a potluck or a party.

Sophia.Pflieger said...

I love cream cheese and chocolate together. Those brownies look to die for!


Mary said...

Thank you!

And as for writhing around the floor with sure is a bugger to get brownie out of ceramic tile grout. Almost not even worth it. Almost. :)

dining room table said...

It looks like cheese and chocolate is a new combination that I will love! Brownies are for me today! I am going to make some!

The Voracious Vegan said...

YUM YUM AND YUM. Don't worry, I'm a nutritional consultant and I also have a vegan bakery. Some things are good for our body and other things, like cream cheese covered brownies, are good for our soul!

Mary said...

Yes...a little sugar does wonders for the relaxation of the soul. I wish I could visit your bakery!

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