Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spicy Peanut and Kale Pasta

When I bought the Sarah Kramer Go Vegan 2010 calendar, I thought it would be cool to cook my way through the year by making each of the monthly recipes as I flipped the calendar pages. So I'm feeling a little bit like Julie Powell, except not, because I don't particularly care for her or her ignorant comments regarding veg*ism (although there is a rumour floating around the veg-o-sphere that Jonathan Safran Foer may have gotten through to her, ever so slightly?).

Anyway, this month's recipe is for a spicy peanut and kale pasta. Peanut butter in pasta - say what?!

I had to try this.

In March, I challenged myself to a two month No Peanut Butter Challenge when I realized I was abusing my nutty privileges. (I found myself topping spoonfuls of peanut butter with chocolate chips in an attempt to recreate the Reese's peanut butter cup. On a daily basis. Yikes.)

But whatever, this recipe obviously needed to be tried. For the sake of the calendar!

It came at the perfect time too, because my mom (who loves to buy me unique pastas from specialty stores) gave me a bag of hot pepper penne noodles:

Dried hot peppers are mixed in with the flour - how crazy and awesome!

The noodles are crazy. Putting peanut butter in pasta is crazy. But you know what, you get enough crazy together in one place, you find yourself having a pretty darn good time. Dinner was fabulous - and the added calcium boost via kale ensures you don't have to feel too guilty about eating like, seven servings (ah, you should probably still feel a little guilty).

Does this mean I have to start my No Peanut Butter Challenge over again?


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

That looks so good! Vegan Crunk made this too- ya'll have the same calendar! The pasta your mom gave you sounds fantastic- I love hot peppers.

I say you're good on your peanut butter challenge- no need to start over. There's a big difference between fitting your PB into a meal and eating it chocolate chip spoonfuls everyday :) (though to be honest, I've definitely been known to do the same thing!)

Bliss Doubt said...

Ugh, I clicked the Link to the Julie Powell comments. What a nasty bitch (pardon my language), and what a pathetically uninformed attitude towards vegan eating. If vegetarians sat around criticizing flesh eaters that way we'd be murdered. Now I have no interest whatsoever in that book. I read Julia Child's own book, "My Life in France" which she wrote with a sense of urgency while in her 90's, right before she died. It was a wonderful read. My boss spends tons of money buying brand new books at book stores, and passes them to me when she's done. That's how I was lucky to read Child's book, which I wasn't sure I wanted to read, and then found it was so much better than I expected.

Anyway, the peanut kale recipe looks fantastic. Peanut butter in noodles is quite good. I use it in my sesame noodles all the time. Even though I don't have the cookbook where that recipe came from, I think I can guess: cooked noodles, kale, some peanut oil for sauteeing, peanut butter to thinly coat the noodles, garlic, chile paste, salt and pepper.

That's how I'm going to try it anyway. Last weekend I crushed up some garlic and stirred it into the natural peanut butter that you get in bulk (you know, the kind that separates). The garlic actually caused it to stay mixed, and it was delicious on toast.

Toni said...

That sounds absolutely delicious. I've tried the spinach/peanut butter combination. I can only imagine the crunchier kale is just as good. And that pasta is awesome! gotta find me some of that.

Addicted to Veggies said...

You totally rock for this inspirational post!

The Voracious Vegan said...

This looks and sounds DELICIOUS!

I'm with you about Julie Powell. I loved Julie and Julia, but could have watched it if it was 100% Meryl Streep as Julia Child. It seems like the real Julie is not as nice as she portrayed herself in the book or movie. Eh, maybe I'm just being grouchy.

Mary said...

Thanks all!!

Still trying to lay low on the PB...but not doing so well ;)

As for Julie Powell...I don't know if she is trying to be silly/funny or if she really believes the ridiculous things she says sometimes but I really don't find it charming. I quite like Amy Adams and agree that watching the movie vs reading Powell's blog gave me the impression that they wanted to make the Powell character more likeable for the film. I have not read the book at all so I can't comment on that but they certainly toned down the "obnoxious" in the film.

I hope that Powell will be more respectful to vegans in the future, being that I just read somewhere that she is now a "restaurant vegetarian" or something along those lines, because she wants to know where her meat comes from (what the hell does that even mean anyway?!)

Anyway, rant aside, it is a wonderfully simple recipe. I'm not that big on kale but its nutritional gusto is hard to ignore...I've been searching for new ways to prepare it and I really love it in pasta because it keeps its crunch even at high temperatures.

P.S. Bliss, that recipe sounds delicious, I will definitely try it out in the future!

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