Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fusili with Artichoke Hearts in a Yellow Pepper Rouille

I love really bright colours.

I may take it too far, sometimes. I got hot pink bed sheets for one of our spare beds, even though no one ever uses it, just because they made my heart happy. If I ever have a child, boy or girl, that nursery is going to be painted lime green. My lucky socks are rainbow-striped. My kitchen is an alarming shade of yellow and the living room that is connected to it is orange (after we finished painting Paul announced that looking at the kitchen was "like staring directly into the sun").

Maybe it's all in my head, but there is something psychologically liberating about being surrounded by vibrancy. Come on - it's hard to be in a bad mood while staring directly into the sun.

Knowing this about me and seeing the picture posted above, it's not too difficult to understand why I absolutely loved this pasta dish. It tasted great, don't get me wrong, but it's the gorgeous yellow of that rouille that drew me in.

To be honest, I don't really know what a rouille is. Wikipedia says it is a French sauce that consists of olive oil, breadcrumbs and chili peppers. Robin Robertson, the author of Vegan Planet (the book where you can find this recipe) notes that it's often a roasted red pepper rouille that accompanies pasta. However, her use of yellow peppers that are sauteed on the stove rather than roasted lend a more subtle and light taste to this pasta. And she includes the ingredient that makes all pastas great - artichoke hearts. It's the perfect summertime pasta dish.

And speaking of summertime, I have discovered a new treat for the upcoming heatwaves that I have subsequently given the This is Vegan: Seal of Approval:

Coconut milk popsicles that are quite reminiscent of the Popsicle Pete popsicles I devoured as a kid (remember saving the sticks/collecting popsicle pete points and sending away for a prize?!).

Unlike Pete's creations, these are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, organic, soy-free, gluten-free and made with fair-trade cocoa. Check out the Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss website for more information. They are a bit pricy - I picked up a box of four popsicles for $6.00 but they are so good and are guaranteed vegan, plus you can slurp away without worrying about the wages paid to workers during the production process. They are a special treat and not a daily consumption item, so go ahead and splurge a little now and again.

Not going to lie, we already ate all four and it was only yesterday that we bought the box. What is better than eating a chocolately popsicle in your pajamas?

Luckily I am surprisingly more cheap than I am gluttonous, so I did show some restraint with regard to buying a second box. Ooh and look, you can catch a glimpse of one of my crazy yellow walls!


Sweet @ Adventures in Veg said...

Oh I wish we could get those popsicles here! :( Ireland is sorely lacking on the vegan icecream front. Although we do have Booja Booja which is delicious, though pricey. It only has four raw ingredients though, amazing!

Mihl said...

Mmm, pasta! That sauce sounds awesome. I love prasted peppers!

Bliss Doubt said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm. Some good looking eats in the last couple of posts.

It's good of you to worry about paraffin candles. I spend a lot of time thinking about these things, and yes, the photos coming out, showing that oil slick in the marshlands, is utterly sickening.

I read that about 70 percent of soy on the market is GMO, which means Roundup Ready, which means sluiced with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are petroleum based.

Now, after giving up my landline and going cellular only, due to AT&T's warrantless spying on citizens on behalf of NSA a few years back, unapologetically (and there was no other landline provider in my region than AT&T), I'm reading that cell phones are somehow related to petroleum addiction.

It's not just day to day that we figure out how to live on this planet. It's minute by minute.

The Voracious Vegan said...

"Come on - it's hard to be in a bad mood while staring directly into the sun." - SO TRUE! Hahaha, I love this post and I LOVE bright colors, too! Seriously, I wish I had the money to deck my whole house in hot pink, teal, yellow, and purple!

Your pasta looks delicious and I'd love to try those fudge bars. MMM!

Bunny Bee said...

Hey! I love your blog! You have great recipes! I have to try this fusili artichoke dish. yummy...

check out my new blog! you will get quick tips to how to be healthy, happy and pretty. Plus, some other stuff.

Mary said...

Sweet - I know the feeling, it has taken quite some time to get decent vegan products in my town too. I've never heard of Booja Booja, I'll have to keep my ear to the ground for that one!

Mihl - thanks! me too!

Bliss - I know what you're saying. It's easy to feel so helpless when it comes to's in everything that surrounds us and has leeched its way into our own bodies too. It is so disheartening. I thought that trying to find out non-vegan options and ingredients was difficult, but at least foodstuffs are labelled by law...when it comes to the things we surround ourselves with, there is often no way of knowing the origins of any of the materials or how they got to the point where we can use them.

Voracious - I am the same way! I would have ever single room a different bright colour, but the husband likes more muted tones and simplistic stylings, so we've had to find a sort of compromise :)

Elaine Shandra said...

I just found the Luna and Larry Coconut Bliss "ice-cream" yesterday! The store didn't have the bars, just the pints, but de-lish!!

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