Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Black Bean Burgers & Cajun-Spiced Fries (& Sangria)

We are in the middle of one hell of a heatwave here in southern Ontario. Temps have been in the 30Cs for well over a week with pretty much no rain (thankfully we were graced with a cooling, albeit brief, thunderstorm last night). We pretty much skipped over spring and dove face first into summer.

I'm a notorious weather-complainer. In winter it's always too cold, in summer it's always too hot. I probably just like the sound of my own whining. But seriously, right now it's that gross kind of hot where you get out of the shower and before you've even toweled yourself off you feel like you need to take another shower.

I've really had no desire to do anything ambitious. Particularly that which involves me standing in front of a burning hot oven - so bear with the lack of content as of late.

If this heat keeps up it's going to be a very, very unproductive summer.

We did make burgers the other night. Black bean burgers! The recipe is from How it All Vegan. The fries pictured with them are from Vegan with the Vengeance, a zippy alternative to traditional french fries.

I have had very little success making burgers from scratch in the past. Every recipe I've tried has been too flimsy or moist to throw on a grill, and the thought of making a burger in a frying pan is just not appealing to me. It may taste just fine but to me, burgers are meant to be grilled outside in the summertime. This is part of their appeal - you're not relegated to a stifling hot kitchen sweating more than is socially or hygenically appropriate while trying to make dinner.

These burgers are positively perfect for the barbque, they hold together nicely and are a breeze to flip. And they taste great, of course. I didn't have any on hand the other night, unfortunately, but they would be really awesome topped with avocado and salsa.

I suddenly have the urge to throw a Mexican barbeque. To be honest, right now I am thinking far less about food than I am about ice cold pitchers of margaritas.

Speaking of ice cold pitchers, we made sangria on Saturday and spent the afternoon wasting away on our back patio with our novels of choice.

Nothing fancy - just grapefruit, lemon, lime and strawberries stewing about in chilled wine, pineapple juice and club soda. But it made for a pretty picture so I had to share it.

Hope you're keeping cool, wherever you are!


Kimberly said...

I am in love with your blog! I came across it by accident actually, and now I just have to follow! I used to be a vegetarian and then vegan, and then some how I got back to eating meat. I want to get back into that lifestyle as at that time I never felt better.

Stop by my blog when you have time... feel free to follow too if you like.

All the best,


melissa said...

"I'm a notorious weather-complainer. In winter it's always too cold, in summer it's always too hot."

It's what makes us Canadian! Haha..

These look delicious (the sangria too!) I REALLY need to get off the soy veggie burgers. It's bad enough eating all the soy, but I just realized that Lick's veggie burgers, which were some of my favourite are full of hydrogenated oil! Awful!!

I spent so much time making bulgur wheat patties before and I was soo disappointed. I'm a pretty lazy cook, so when I go through the effort and I don't love the result I'm double crushed! I think those patties are still hidden in the depths of my freezer somewhere!

Mihl said...

Ha, ha, I am a notorious weather complainer as well. It's the 2nd of June and we're having around 5-9°Celsius. Please, send some sunbeams over, I think June was never so cold. Those black bean burgers would definitely warm me up!

Iva said...

that looks so GOOD!!

Annah said...

I'm not a vegan but by God all that stuff looks really good and yummy!

Kelsey said...

she also has another great cookbook "La Dolce Vegan" - it's one of my favorite cookbooks and I'm not even vegan

Mary said...

Kimberly - Thanks so much! I will certainly check your blog out :)

Melissa - haha, yes, it is right up there with saying 'aboot' and knowing all the words to Great Big Sea songs! The reason I have started making my own burger patties is because I've been trying to away from prepackaged, highly processed stuff like isolated soy, so I definitely share your concern. I also hate it when things don't turn out!

Mihl - oh my, so chilly! I will stop complaining about our heat now ;)

Iva & Annah - thank you! much appreciated!

Kelsey - I don't own La Dolce Vegan myself, but I've got it on my list of "must buy"s, looking forward to trying it out!

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