Friday, June 25, 2010

Dinner at Bangkok Cuisine, Kitchener and Four Years of Wedded Bliss

Yesterday, Paul and I marked our fourth wedding anniversary. In the grand scheme of the universe, four years is virtually nothing, but in our lives it has been a crazy four years filled with going to school, graduating, going back to school, finding jobs, getting laid off and finding other jobs. But it's all par for the course when you get married young (Paul was 23, I was 22) and you're just settling in to adulthood.

We both experienced more hectic-than-usual (read: more stressful-than-usual) days at work and then after work we headed to our beautiful niece's eighth grade graduation ceremony for a few hours. We were pretty exhausted by this point but I am a firm believer in marking life's little and big milestones in some way or another - so we went for a late dinner at Bangkok Cuisine.

I wrote about my undying love for Bangkok's peanut curry last summer, but since then I have branched out and sampled some other items off their menu.

I am horribly predictable when it comes to restaurants. I find one thing that I like at a place and then play it safe every time we return, in fear of trying something new and not liking it as much and therefore "wasting" a meal selection. I think this stems from the fact that we never go to restaurants (partly because there are not a lot of restaurants we can go to here but mostly because I am extremely cheap) and I don't want to waste a perfectly good restaurant trip.

So, I did not order my beloved peanut curry yesterday and that works out well for you, because I can show you more of what this wonderful little Thai restaurant has to offer.

We started out with an order of fresh rolls, with a light peanut dipping sauce. To be honest, by this point it was after 9pm and we hadn't eaten in hours and thus it is highly likely that we would have eaten dirt off the ground were it presented to us, but all the same these rolls were a nice crunchy way to start the meal.

For his entree, Paul ordered the drunken noodles. Here is what I love about this restaurant: all of their menu items come with an option of substituting tofu or vegetables in place of meat and they have no problem leaving the egg that traditionally accompanies thai meals out of the equation, no questions asked. That is exactly what they did with this drunken noodle dish; rice noodles and veggies in a thai brandy sauce. "Omnomnomnom" is pretty much the only phrase that can encompass its excellence.

This rice dish that I ordered is the house special, but Paul and I affectionately refer to it as "Bangkok Spicy Rice". Spicy being the operative word.

(I typically like my food really, really spicy but at Bangkok I can never go higher than a medium. Paul tried their "Extra Hot" once and we nearly had to make a pitstop at the ER on the way home. I can only imagine what their "Top of the Line" spice is like.)

This dish has lots of fresh veggies, tomato, pineapple, water chestnuts and cashews and dare I say it - it has stolen the place in my heart previously reserved for only the peanut curry. That should teach me to be more adventurous at restaurants!

And as if there wasn't enough vegan love in this place, they actually have a vegan-friendly dessert! This is a thai banana cake. Don't ask me how this works, but it's basically rice, banana, black beans and coconut milk and somehow all of those things together make for an incredibly sweet end to a crazy spicy dinner. Yum!

It was nice to get to spend some time together after a crazy day and reflect on the last four years - after dinner, like every year on our anniversary, I forced Paul to watch our wedding DVD over a couple glasses of wine. When we turned it off we were kind of depressed though, as we're fairly convinced that we are starting to look freaking old these days.

Here's to many more anniversaries!

Bangkok Cuisine
1500 Weber St. East,
Kitchener, ON N2A 2Y5

P.S. There is still plenty of time to enter my Vegan Express giveaway AND the stakes have been raised: I have been contacted by Nava Atlas, the author of Vegan Express, and she has offered to send the winner a personally inscribed copy of the cookbook on behalf of This is Vegan! How wonderful! Now go on over to the post and the Facebook page and enter!


RunLonger said...

Happy Anniversary!

(I totally share your love of Thai food and hatred of "wasting" a trip to a restaurant by ordering the wrong thing.)

.nicole. said...

Very sweet, Mary. Happy Anniversary!

I've never really tried thai food but I am broadening my horizons when we go out to restaurants and in what I make at home. I've been very pleasantly surprised as well.

Mary said...

Thank you for the well wishes!

As for thai food, I resisted for so long (this was before I went vegan) as a vegan, it is my haven in a town full of burger joints where even the veg burgers are not vegan.

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