Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Bean Sliders & Fries (Marbles, Waterloo)

I spent the better part of today trolling the shops in Uptown Waterloo with my mom. After reluctantly not buying what is probably the cutest little dress I have ever seen because it was just a tad too skimpy (sigh, if only I were a few years younger) we stopped for lunch.

We went to Marbles, which is located on the corner of William and King in Waterloo, Ontario. It's a restaurant we've been frequenting for some time now. Here's a picture that I have unapologetically thieved from Google Maps:

Although it is not a vegan joint, Marbles is home to many vegan options. I normally get their peanut stir fry, but today I noticed a new menu item - black bean sliders! They were topped with guacamole and fresh salsa (and also a chipotle mayo option, which I obviously politely declined, so they kindly doubled my guac instead). They come with a mix of regular and sweet potato fries.

The plan was to take half home to Paul.

For a person who is allegedly trying to lose ten pounds, I'm not trying very hard, am I?

Marbles Restaurant
8 William Street East
Waterloo, ON N2J 1K9
(519) 885-4390


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Those sliders look great and I'd have eaten it all myself, too!

Mary said...

They were delicious! Definitely not going to be walking near that restaurant anytime soon, I don't need to be eating that once a week!

Anonymous said...

What good is tempting us with the picture without giving us the recipe?

Mary said...

Anon - I got these at the restaurant pictured in the entry, so I didn't make them myself and thus have no recipe. Sorry!

Benjamin Bach said...

Look delish. I'm going to take my wife here for these!

PS Your blog is my new favorite blog in all of KW.

-BB, @benjaminbach ,

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