Monday, July 5, 2010

The Daiya Experiment...Part Two: French Onion Soup

I'm starting to wonder what ever happened to the lazy days of summer, because I haven't really seen any. I'm getting next to no sleep between work, social life and the World Cup. And I've had no time to cook.

Even when I have had time to cook, I have had no time to blog - which is why the second installment of my adventures with Daiya is so delayed.

The June recipe in Sarah Kramer's 2010 Go Vegan! calendar was for french onion soup. This couldn't have worked out better for me, as I still had half a tub of Daiya mozzarella left over from the pizza experiment and a whole load of discount onions that needed to be used up immediately.

The thought of soup in the summer is usually pretty nauseating to me (it was well over 30C before 10am this morning and the humidity is bordering on belligerent), but a few weeks ago Mother Nature provided me with a rainy and gloomy day so that I could try my soup without needing to take an ice bath afterwards.

It is such a simple recipe that I even had time to put it together on my lunch break. Lots and lots of onions browned in a tablespoon of vegan margarine and then stewed in broth, poured over a slice of twelve grain organic bread, topped with mozzarella Daiya and set in the oven under broil for just a couple minutes so that the Daiya can melt.

I've never had non-vegan french onion soup so I can't comment on its authenticity, but I can comment on its amazing taste. Another win for Daiya!

For those in search of the recipe, it is in Sarah's calendar, but I've also heard rumour that it's in La Dolce Vegan, a cookbook I have yet to pick up but that I'm sure is a great vegan resource.

I am officially out of mozzarella Daiya and have moved on to the cheddar!


Jenny said...

Oh, yum, that looks soo good!

Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen said...

this looks great! Lately everyone seems mad for Dayia cheese but I still havent gotten my hands on any!

Kitchen Witch said...

Oh my gosh, how awesome is that. My boyfriend has been begging me for french onion soup and we have a freezer full of daiya!

Love your blog, we should swap links!

Bianca said...

I just posted this same thing on my blog! I also have the Go Vegan wall calendar, and I have a little rule that I must try every recipe. I loved this soup although, after seeing yours, I wish I'd used more Daiya on mine.

Mary said...

Jenny - It was delicious!

Jessica - I never thought Daiya could live up to the hype but it is incredible!

Kitchen - Oh absolutely try the Daiya in french onion soup, it's my favourite thing we've tried with it so far!

Bianca - I love the Go Vegan calendar, all the recipes are simple and quick but pack such a flavour punch. So happy I purchased it!

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