Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Quiche

I had a regular egg-based quiche once in my life and I found the taste and texture to be so unsettling that I nearly threw it up all over the boardwalk that I was eating it on. Eggs have always been quite sketchy to me; their sliminess was something I could never get on board with, which is probably where my aversion to breakfast foods came from.

Never having to eat such a thing again was one of the many incalculable perks of going vegan.

Funnily enough, when it comes to making traditionally egg-based items using tofu instead, I am in love - even when the tofu is prepared in such a way that it creates a mock egginess. (Have I officially coined this term? "Egginess" Copyright 2010,

As such, quiches and other breaky items have once again found themselves in my meal prep repertoire after years of being blacklisted, although I rarely find myself eating them for breakfast. Who on earth has time to be that fancy in the mornings? Most weekends are even write-offs, although I am known to make a pretty decent Sunday morning spread when I want to (potato frittata, tempeh hashbrown casserole and tofu rancheros among some of my favourites).

This quiche is the ultimate brunch item, but the two of us had it as a very late dinner the other night, in between working around the house and trying to catch the late showing of Inception at the cinema (which, by the way, was awesome). It comes together fairly easily and is a great summertime fridge crisper cleaner as you can toss whatever vegetable elements you have leftover from the week on in. I followed the recipe pretty closely by using bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and of course, the sweet potato and topped it all off with fresh chives from my herb garden. The tofu is processed with nutritional yeast, miso, garlic powder, tumeric and black pepper, giving it a creamy and almost cheesy taste.

We ate it with some peppered Ontario green beans fresh from the market and even made it to the movie on time (seriously, check out Inception - it made my brain explode).

The recipe for this quiche comes from and you can find it by clicking here.

P.S. If you are in the southern Ontario area, Animal Freedom Day is happening tomorrow in Burlington! I have to work, but as long as I get off at a decent time I will be making my way to Spencer Smith Park in the afternoon. There will be face painting, games, animal freedom t-shirt making, a vegan potluck, and a march and candlelight vigil for the animals. It's a part of the Burlington Jazz & Blues Festival, which is an entirely vegetarian event (I can't wait to stuff my face!). If you can't make it down, I urge you to take the veg pledge and tune in live via UStream!


Ann Flowers said...

Your blog looks super yummy. Enjoyed the garden quiche. Keep on posting.

JL Goes Vegan said...

This looks delicious!

Mihl said...

There are many egg based dishes I never liked. I did like quiche though and often made it from scratch. I think vegan quiches taste very different, especially because of their texture. But I also like them much better. This one looks gorgeous!

Sweet @ Adventures in Veg said...

I totally agree about eggs - I have always hated them so I never had to 'give them up' except in cakes! So I've never eaten quiche or scrambled eggs. But that quiche looks delicious!

Emily said...

Hi there! I'm a new vegetarian and I was looking around the internet for good blogs/recipes and stumbled in here! What a great site! Thanks for sharing this recipe... I'm sooo gonna try it :)

Karen said...

i saw inception this weekend, too. i loved the three-layered dream part, but found the beginning of the movie too confusing and also i though the action drowned out a lot of good dialogue. leo and ellen were fabulous, though, as always.

quiche looks yummy!

healy said...

I cant think of a time that I hated eggs. . .I love eggs, during breakfast, dinner hhaha well This is really unique, a very good source of nutrients. salivating over it

Mary said...

Ann & JL - Thank you!

Mihl - I agree about the texture being different..I found the egg-based quiche to be very gummy and slimmy, and the tofu one not at all.

Sweet - Agreed, the baked goods were a bit difficult just because it meant that most pre-made varieties were off the table. I guess that's a good thing though, it means if I want something I have to make it myself so I eat it far less.

Emily - Thanks! Hope you like it!

Karen - Before we went to the movie a friend warned me to not blink for even a second or I'd be lost so I tried to be pay really close attention for the entire thing. I think I still missed points, so I'll probably watch it again when it's on DVD.

Healy - sounds like my husband, he always loved the taste of eggs. I could never get on board with them!

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