Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!

I'm very excited to be giving away a shop credit of $30.00 for the Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. online shop!

All products offered through Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. are handmade by my friend Courtney and her great-aunt. Courtney is celebrating the launch of her brand spankin' new line of Organics for Baby & Toddler. The products in this line are made with certified organic ribbon and fabrics that are hand-dyed and sewn with organic natural thread. The packaging is printed on 100% recycled paper with soy and veggie inks - perfect for all the eco-minded moms and dads out there.

If you have any questions regarding the merchandise or materials used, here is the contact information for Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co.

Here is just some of the great merchandise available through Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co.. Be sure to check out the store for more items as well as the full Organics line that is now available.

DiaperClutch ($12.00 CAD)

Organic PaciTie ($10.00 CAD)

Basic Gift Basket ($35.00 CAD)

This is undeniably a great prize for all the parents of wee ones out there. However, if you are like me (barely able to take care of yourself and thus have no children), just think of the unique gifts you could pick up for the next baby shower you attend.

There are three ways you can enter this contest:

1) Become an official Blogger follower, using your Gmail account, then comment on this post with the sentence "Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!".

2) Become a fan of on Facebook and post "Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!" on the page wall.

3) Email me at with the sentence "Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway" somewhere in the text body. Your email must include your complete name so that I can ensure I'm not being spammed.


1) You may enter the contest three times, once via the blog itself, once via the Facebook page and once via email.

2) Contest closes Friday, August 20, 2010 at 10:00am EST. A winner will be randomly drawn and contacted with information for claiming the prize.


The Future Dr. B-S said...

"Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!" YAy

Nic said...

"Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!".

Hurray!! This would make awesome gifts for my step-sister and her baby:)

Crystal said...

Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway! YAYAYAYAY :)

Amanda said...

Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!

accidentally, kle said...

Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!


Dana said...

Sullivan & Sawyer Baby Co. Giveaway!


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