Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baja-Style Tempeh Tacos

Today is September 2, 2010. Or 09/02/10. 090210.

A day set aside to commemorate one of the greatest guilty pleasure television programs of all time.

Today is International 90210 Day!

I'm commemorating this momentous occasion with a 90210 DVD marathon and a dinner dedicated to my most favourite 90210 character and one of my first true loves:

Oh, Dylan. Your dark and twisty brooding is still so dreamy.

Back in the day, you were either a Brandon Girl or a Dylan Girl. I was a Dylan Girl from Day One. Which is kind of alarming, actually, because I was in the fourth grade and he was a disillusioned drug addict for a large portion of the show.

You might be wondering what Baja-style tacos have to do with a show about Beverly Hills and if you are, you probably didn't spend the early 1990s counting down the minutes until 9pm on Thursday nights like I did. That's okay though, I'm happy to explain.

You see, Dylan McKay was a surfer and often made his way to Mexico "for the waves". In one deliciously epic episode cliffhanger, he and Brenda snuck off for a weekend alone in Baja, without Brenda's parents' permission. So scandy!

They got caught and were forbidden to associate with one another ever again. Star-crossed lovers stories never get old, do they?

As you can see, it is only fitting that I made Baja tacos for dinner on 9/02/10 day. Because their little trip across the border was the beginning of the end of Brenda and Dylan. And oh, how I hated that prissy Brenda Walsh.

The recipe for these tacos is found in Veganomicon and it involves several recipes that actually come together quite quickly.

First comes the taco slaw, marinated in cider vinegar for a few hours:

Next, the "sour cream". The recipe suggests making a Lime Crema with soy yogurt, but believe it or not, no one around here sells plain soy yogurt. So I made a mild cilantro sour cream with silken tofu:

Next comes the tempeh, marinated in an chile-beer marinade and then pan-fried (would have been much better grilled, but it was pouring rain out tonight):

Topped off with some freshly diced onion and tomato, this made for quite the hearty taco:

It's probably fairly evident by now that I have never been to Baja and everything I know about the west coast has come 90210 episodes (and maybe a little bit from The O.C., but let's be honest, Marissa Cooper is no Kelly Taylor). As such, I sadly cannot comment on the authenticity of these Baja-style tacos, but I can let you know that they were delicious and fairly easy to make. Another Veganomicon win!

I'm still trying to convince Paul to name our first born Dylan McKay. He is very unreceptive.


forsakndestiiny said...

I dunno about the tacos, but hell yeah - 100% Dylan girl. :) LOL! I miss those days. The new versions of the shows don't do the old ones justice! I looked forward to 90210, Melrose Place, & Party of Five every single week! lol

The Voracious Vegan said...

90210 WAS MY LIFE. Seriously, I was 8 or 9 when the series started and I was bound and determined to be just as amazing and cool and super gorgeous as Kelly. Maybe Brenda...but I think Kelly. I had 90210 EVERYTHING, bed sheets, t-shirts, pillows, towels, it was insane. I know own the dvds because that show is a nostalgia trip like none other.

I was a Brandon girl for sure. I still swoon over him from time to time. I've never liked the bad boys, Brandon always seemed so sweet and genuine. How could you resist?

I could never resist those tacos, they look AMAZING! I love the Baja flavors and I'm always ready for tacos. Delicious!

Karen said...

i was totally a dylan fan, too. and hated brenda. and watched religiously. nice catch on to the date!

i am coincidentally making vegan red lentil tacos tomorrow night, an Internet recipe I found and love ... but I do have Veganomicon so I will try this sometime!

by the way, i made your daiya cheddar bake last week for dinner and it was HEAVENLY! so easy and cheap, too! i am making it again for a vegan potluck dinner this weekend.

love your blog!

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