Monday, October 18, 2010

Open-Faced Sandwiches (Rainy Day Lunch)

I have been an embarrassingly bad blogger lately. I keep saying I am going to post more, and then I don't. Fall is by far the busiest time in my year and I just have not had the time for creative cookery. I haven't even had the time for uncreative cookery. No time to even roast a simple squash, one of my most favourite fall activities.

I signed in expecting my followers list to be non-existent, but it hasn't budged. Thank you for sticking by This is Vegan! I wish I could send each and every one of you a cupcake as a consolation prize for my uselessness.

Today I bring you a post featuring a lunch that Paul put together for me one rainy afternoon as I was rushing in between my morning and afternoon shifts at work. He picked up a couple bowls of the daily soup at Kara's Smart Foods (always fresh, always vegan, always makes my stomach grumble while picking up my weekly veggies - this day it was a roasted tomato-basil). He also made delicious open-faced sandwiches on the fluffiest of white breads (banished from our grocery list because of their addictive properties and lack of any substantial nutrition, he went out and bought them from our favourite bakery just for this occassion).

They come together as follows:

Fluffy white buns, halved
Drizzled with olive oil
Topped with caramelized onions, roasted red pepper and alfalfa sprouts
Sprinkled with a little bit of mozzarella Daiya
and put under the broiler for a couple minutes (just until the Daiya melts - you will want to keep a close eye so that your precious sammy doesn't burn).

Best husband ever!


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Mmmm caramelized onion!

Mihl said...

Please stop making yourself feel bad. You are an awesome blogger. If it takes time, it takes time. Everyone will understand. I hope things will get less busy for you soon.

The Future Dr. B-S said...

I love fresh bread (or buns, whatever)! I just can't get into the taste of daiya though. Maybe there's something wrong with me!

Mand said...

Your dishes are all so cute Mary :)

Mary said...

Atwood - is there anything better?!

Mihl - Thank you!

Future - Daiya is a love it or leave it kind of thing. it is not *quite* cheese-like enough to be considered a true replacement for those that miss cheese, but for me it's good enough as a flavour of its own.

Mand - I am addicted to buying new dishes...esp seasonal ones! But I only buy one or two, just for picture cupboards are very haphazard and random.

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