Sunday, October 3, 2010

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

What, pray tell, is more wonderful than the smell of fall root vegetables roasting away in the oven on a chilly and rainy day?


Which is why I have an obsession with purchasing squash, which is rapidly turning into an unhealthy addiction. There is no reason I should be leaving any kind of market or grocery store with a bin full of squash that is so heavy that I myself cannot physically lift it, but this time of year I just can't resist a shelf of beautifully displayed butternut, acorn and kabocha squash. And so I buy more and more and more - until every cupboard and every shelf in my kitchen is overflowing with squash.

It's getting to be a serious problem. So I've been making a lot of soups in an effort to thin the ranks a bit.

Butternut squash purees are pretty classic. They always taste good, they usually involve very little work. I will tell you what makes this one (recipe found in Vegan with a Vengeance) stand out - the hint of maple syrup stirred in right before serving. How fall-ish!

I can't find the recipe anywhere online so it looks like you are just going to have to go out and buy the book. And if you do I highly recommend trying the mango-ginger tofu and the potato and tempeh sausage pizza.

Now, I'm off to buy groceries. And most likely come home with more squash.


JL goes Vegan said...

I hear you on the squash fetish. I bought a couple last week and this weekend picked up another butternut and acorn squash. As I was about to grab the kabocha squash my husband said "Why? Why another squash?" LOL

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

Oh yeah, I can totally relate to the squash love. We grow tons in our garden, they keep all winter. This year we grew a variety called "Argonaut" ... it's like a butternut on steroids ... about 5 times bigger than normal. So cool.

Britt said...

Haha I know how you feel... I'm on a BIG spaghetti squash kick right now, I can eat an entire one to myself!

Bliss Doubt said...

I love it too. From one big roasted butternut I can make squash soup once, and mock & cheeze twice (or vice versa). Since I discovered sage smoked Field Roast brand "sausage" I'm in the mood for yet another experiment. If my kitchen had any space for rolling out dough, I'd try a pie. I've heard that frozen puff pastry is "accidentally vegan".

At least winter squashes look pretty sitting around the house, and they last quite a while.

Mary said...

JL - so true! And every week they have new and freakier-looking squash on display and I just can't resist!

Lisa - Ooo argonaut, I haven't heard of that one it, sounds so cool!

Britt - I'm partial to the kabocha myself, this year!

Bliss - Yes, I can't remember the brand but there is a supermarket puff pastry that is accidentally vegan! Mmm sounds delicious.

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