Sunday, December 19, 2010

Raw Ranch Dressing

My New Year's resolution for 2010 was to start including more raw components to my diet. Like all resolutions before it (joining and actually using the gym, saving more money than usual, eliminating swear words from my vocabulary) I have not even begun to fulfill this promise to myself.

I love raw food - when someone else makes it for me. To be honest, I am strangely intimidated by the preparation process and often find myself confused by raw recipes that cross my path. This is hardly an excuse, though, because five short years ago I was also intimidated by the instructions on a box of macaroni and cheese and yet somehow I have managed to be a (mostly) self-sustaining vegetarian for almost four years now. I was intimidated by vegan cooking once upon a time and I somehow managed to get a hang of that (not that it's hard - I was just that awful of a cook), so I think it's about time I suck it up and give raw cooking a more ambitious try.

Ever the procrastinator, I figure that now that we are in the final days of 2010, it's appropriate to begin fulfilling this year's resolution. Also, I just remembered about this cool raw cooking website that I found a few months back, Choosing Raw.

I have decided to start small. We'll save the raw pizzas and raw burgers for days when I laugh in the face of my dehydrator, and perhaps have become more accustomed to reading entire recipes through sooner than 20 minutes before I need to have dinner served.

Which is something I didn't do when making this raw dressing. And in that intense half-hour period before dinner is done I noticed that I was supposed to have been soaking the cashews for several hours prior to making the dressing. Whoops.

I skipped this step, which is why the dressing looks more lumpy than creamy - but it still tasted fabulous, so who cares.

The dressing was intended to be used as an afternoon veggies-and-dip snack, but it went really well with the buffalo seitan wingz and garlic roasted potatoes I made the other night. The ranch dressing was perfect for putting out the fire that comes from eating hot wingz. It was almost like we were at a sports bar, right in our own living room!

Digital copy of the recipe found here. Quick and easy. The California sandwich they use it on looks amazing!


Addicted to Veggies said...

Dips are SUCH a good way to "ease" into the raw food world. And your photo is proof of this! YUM!!
Also - I haven't been online much lately, and I have to tell you how much I LOOOOVE your new header! CUTECUTECUTE!

Mary said...

Thanks so much! I wanted something festive for when people stop by the blog over the holidays :)

Jen said...

Looks wonderful and tasty. I want to give it a try.

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