Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Rusk Go Green Blow Dryer

One of my Christmas presents this year was a Rusk Go Green blow dryer, an exact replica of the one used by my stylist at Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa.

The tag said it was from our dog, Dora. Which is a bit ironic, because there are few things on this planet she hates more than blow dryers. And electric hair clippers. And pretty much any other type of grooming product that requires you to plug it into a wall. Which is why she spends most of her time looking like this:

I love this blow dryer an inappropriate amount and the reasons are many. It could just be the fact that up until Christmas Eve I had been using a blow dryer that was purchased in 1998 and has since developed a series of loose parts that make starting it up sound more like recycling truck than a bathroom appliance. This, combined with the unmistakable smell of burning hair after five minutes of use kind of makes anything made in the last ten years an improvement.

But this dryer is so much more than your average hair appliance!

This dryer gets labeled "green" because it uses 26% less energy than a standard professional blow dryer. I can attest to the fact that this dryer is practically a weapon the way it pumps hot hair (I was not at all expecting it and I think I burned my neck a little the first time). While scalding temperatures aren't exactly great for your hair, it's what us curly-haired girls positively need in order to work through the kinks.

Although it uses far less electricity than an average salon blow dryer, it is incredibly efficient. It takes me half the time to go from soaking-wet to bone-dry when compared to my old blow drying monstrosity. And it does all this all while being relatively quiet (for a blow dryer anyways), a feature that our Dora surely appreciates. Further, the earth-friendly message extends to not only the drying capabilities but the manufacturing itself - all packaging is made with 100% recycled materials and is printed with soy ink and further, Rusk products are not tested on animals.

While I'm playing fast and loose with the vegan theme of this blog by giving this blow dryer the This is Vegan: Seal of Approval I decided to go ahead and introduce you to the newest edition to my post-shower arsenal. While I always have and always will be vegan for the animals first and foremost, my fringe interest in environmental preservation does play a role in many of the lifestyle decisions I make. Sure, the most eco-friendly option would be to let my Curl Flag fly freely after a hair wash, but sometimes a girl needs to pretend nature gave her soft, silky, pin-straight hair. In those instances, a nice middle-ground, low-energy but high-power blow dryer sure does the trick!

Paul - errr, I mean Dora - bought this gift for me at Hybrid, but if you are not in the Waterloo region there seem to be some online options as well.


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