Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Root Vegetable Chili

Vegetarian Times magazine used to e-mail me recipes what seemed like every day, and I'd compulsively file dozens of them under my "Recipes to Try" folder until there were so many that I could be cooking twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and still not get them all sampled by the time the sun blows up, or the meteor hits, or the 2012 hysteria actually pans out.

But then, just as suddenly as they started, they stopped appearing in my inbox.

While working through my feelings of rejection I decided to use it as an opportunity to actually try some of the hundreds of recipes that I decided were good enough to be saved.

This chili soup was the very first one that I saved, so I figured it a good place to start.

And, one of the key ingredients is rutabega, which I can't ever remember trying before.

When in the supermarket, I've often glanced in the rutabega's direction, filled with curiosity and a little bit of fear because let's face it, their appearance is kind of freaky. What is this weird thing I am looking at? I would often ask myself.

Strange looking, yes, but a solid source of vitamin C, calcium, folate and fiber and therefore no good reason to not include them in my diet now and again.

They are kind of a bugger to peel, unfortunately.

Nothing my Titan Peeler can't handle, though!

Besides the rutabega, there are a whole host of other veggies: carrots, peppers (bell and jalapeno), potato, garlic, onion. And no chili is complete without beans, and I used my most favourite - white kidney.

It takes a while to cook this, as is true of any good chili.

And the entire time it was cooking I was thinking, "This smells so good, but why do I also feel like I am going to vomit?"

Finally, after an hour on the stove, Paul pointed out that the house smelled like cooked cabbage.

I have had an immature aversion to the smell of cooked cabbage since I was a child and a subsequent social anxiety that after being around cooked cabbage, I myself must smell like cooked cabbage.

The tragedy of it all is that I quite like the taste of cooked cabbage, but the smell of it sends me off gagging in search of a gas mask and wanting to burn my clothes. As such, I very rarely make anything with cabbage, unless it is and stays relatively raw (i.e. quickly stir frying it is okay, boiling it is NOT).

A google search with my shirt pulled up over my nose confirmed that a rutabega is in fact a cabbage. A cross between a cabbage and a turnip, to be exact. Curious, no longer.

The chili itself tasted really good, but I honestly cannot get past the smell of cooked cabbage so I'm afraid this recipe isn't for me. Unless I locate that gas mask I spoke of. But please, if you are able to handle the smell, try this recipe because it is so delicious.

Oh, and it turns out that I am the one responsible for ending things with Vegetarian Times. Months ago, I cancelled an old email address that I thought I no longer used, but it turns out that it was this email address that was getting the VT mail and forwarding it to my new email address. Thus, the recipes are once again flowing and I may just have to take up that 24/7 cooking project I mentioned above.


Mihl said...

A root vegetable chili sounds like a very good idea now. I have horrible rutabaga childhood memories...we usually had it in a soup I couldn't stand. Maybe I should get over that and start eating rutabaga again.

Bliss Doubt said...

I've never made cooked cabbage dishes either, because of the smell, and have never even been tempted by icky rutabaga. Maybe try subbing with parsnips?

Looks good anyway. I can imagine that chili powder would be nicely absorbed into the sort of meaty flavor of brassica veg.

Mary said...

Mihl - yes, i think it stems back to my childhood too, my folks made a lot of cooked cabbage!

Bliss - Parsnips are a great idea! The chili powder worked great...I've also heard changing it up by using curry powder instead makes for a really unique soup.

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