Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet & Spicy Chili

Generally, I know very little about sports. Specifically, I know absolutely nothing about football.

I am a Canadian Girl so I can make my way through a hockey game with very little comprhensive difficulty. I understand power play and offside. This year, I even finally learned what icing actually is (rather than what I think it is) and it only took a few presses of the 'Pause Live-TV' button and several of Paul's hand-mimed diagrams.

But when it comes to football, even the most patient and thorough teachers cannot get me to even slightly grasp any of the concepts. And believe me, they have tried - all two times that I have tried to watch a football game (that would be Superbowl 2009 and Superbowl 2010, respectively). I'm not sure if it's the fact that I just don't get it or that I just don't care (both highly plausible). It could also be because I have the attention span of a peanut. Who knows?

Regardless, I'm in a constant struggle between my lack of interest in anything that even resembles football and my desire to fit in with the rest of North American society each year around this time.

So, when I was picking this week's recipe to try, I stumbled upon this Chili dish from Vegan Planet and thought to myself, "Okay, cool, let's do a chili - because if it's good, I can post about it and suggest that people try it for their Superbowl parties this weekend! The timing is so perfect! I will finally be one of them!"

So I made the chili. And I liked it. And I wrote a post.

And then someone kindly pointed out that Superbowl is actually next weekend and that I am quite possibly the only person on this continent that doesn't know that.

So there you have it. I am a bandwagon Superbowl poser and now the whole world knows it.

Still, if you have a copy of Vegan Planet, give this chili a try. The contrasting sweet (apple juice, cinnamon, brown sugar) and spicy (chili powder, cayenne, hot green chiles) is pretty cool and this uniqueness gives me a reason to make it now and again instead of my all time favourite traditional crockpot chili. It's decent on its own, but is really great with a side of whole grain rice.

I don't normally endorse using fake meats because their nutritional labels terrify me and I usually think them to be unnecessary to the integrity of a vegan meal. If a recipe calls for them, I typically leave them out, or sub-in the more nutritionally sound tempeh. But when I leave the TVP or ground round out of chili, it always feels more like a soup than a chili, and that's no fun.

Since we rarely eat that kind of stuff, it's hardly a crime to toss it into the chilis I make once every few months. It's still vegan and way more heart healthy than a ground meat (and its contribution to a cruelty-free planet goes without saying), so I say go for it. Just this one time.

I couldn't find a digital copy of this recipe, so this one appears to be an exclusive for Vegan Planet owners only. Give it a try, if you've got a copy! And enjoy the Superbowl..........whenever that may be.


Niki said...

Haha awww, this post had me laughing. This week is ProBowl, if that makes you feel any better! Basically, football fans vote in their favorite players, and it's basically just a reason for all the best players to play another game.

This sounds yummy, I love sweet mixed with super spicy! I might have to give this a go in the very near future, as I haven't had chili in a while annnd it's been on my mind.

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