Friday, January 14, 2011

Tempeh, Kale & Sweet Potato Skillet

I love meals that involve a somewhat random mishmash of ingredients and somehow turn out awesome. Bonus points if they come together in under an hour.

This recipe meets both these criteria, and incorporates winterlicious treats like sweet potatoes and kale so that the ingredients are easily accessible mid-blizzard.

Although, this particular week everyone in KW seemed to have gotten the memo that you are supposed to eat kale in January. I had to go to three different stores before I could find a decent looking bunch of kale left in a produce aisle. Good for you, KW! Kale is awesome and I'm glad you have realized it.

There really was no way for me to not like this meal, as every ingredient listed has made it onto one or another of my "omg that is so my favourite" lists. Right down to the curry powder and red curry paste that give it its flavour and starting with...



Sweet potatoes!


In what world could this recipe possibly go wrong?

Give it a whirl by checking out Nava Atlas' book Vegan Express, or simply by clicking here.


Bliss Doubt said...

I like the random mishmash too. Over the weekend I had organic carrots going limp in the fridge, organic potatoes getting shrivelly in the pantry, an organic yellow onion sprouting a green tail, and some frozen organic peas. Expensive stuff, and I've been eating out a lot lately, which does not mix with cooking at home mode, so I thought I'd better cook up this stuff before it got to the point where I'd have to throw it all away. I bought a fresh new bottle of Morton & Bassett curry (my fave) and made all the odds & ends into a curry with lots of red pepper flakes and gobs of minced garlic. I threw in the frozen peas at the end. I made three meals of it.

Your skillet looks great. I always forget to buy kale at the store, though I see so many yummy looking recipes using it.

Mary said...

I often find myself in that restaurant trap when life gets hectic...and I hate to see produce go to waste. Sounds like a delicious meal you had there!

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