Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indian Lentil Pilaf

This is what I like to call a nice, "sturdy" meal. By sturdy I mean that it comes together quite easily and involves standard issue vegan kitchen staples. While the flavour might not necessarily blow you away and the dish probably won't be added to your shortlisted favourites, it is quite tasty and definitely filling and you will probably like it enough to make it again some day.

This dish comes from the Vegetarian Times magazine (click here for the recipe) and I really love how basic the ingredients list is. It's the perfect Tuesday night meal (or whatever night of the week you come home cranky because your blood sugar is so low because you forgot your midday snack and suddenly you realize that you haven't planned ahead for dinner and so you panic and cause a scene in the kitchen - it's not just me that does that, is it?).

Plus, I usually jump at any chance to fill the house with that intoxicating "cooking basmati rice" smell that comes from most Indian-inspired dishes. And the extra iron boost from the lentils is nothing to stick your nose up at either!

The only thing with lentils is that I seriously suck at cooking them. Either they are too hard, or they turn into a ridiculous mush that tastes good but looks horrible (see above photo for visual evidence).

Either way, give this recipe a try the next time you need something to hit the dinner table quickly while still offering some sort of nutritional value. As an aside - it's positively delicious drenched in Frank's Red Hot just before serving (how's that for authenticity?).


Bliss Doubt said...

I like recipes with short lists of ingredients too. If I can tick them off in my head while I'm at the grocery store, it's a lot more likely I'll cook. This one looks tasty.

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