Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lunch at Classic Indian, Waterloo

I've already blogged about Classic Indian restaurant on Wissler Road in Waterloo, but if any restaurant in the Kitchener-Waterloo area deserves a second post, it is this one. One of our most favourite spots here in town, we have never had a bad experience at Classic Indian. The food speaks for itself, but it's worth noting that the staff is always friendly, enthusiastic and accommodating with regard to the menu. There is a MASSIVE vegetarian section on their menu and if you want no dairy, they make sure you have no dairy. If you want it extra spicy, they will make it extra spicy. Everything is made in-house and they are always so great about making the meals according to our specifications.

The staff at Classic Indian always makes us feel welcome and at home, and every time we order more food than can fit on our table, which is actually every time we go in there, they have no problem sliding an extra table over to make sure we are comfortable.

The main reason I wanted to post about this restaurant again is to show you the coolest menu item of them all, pictured above. For the first time ever at Classic Indian, we ordered a "Dosa". The one pictured above is the "Masala Dosa" and it is a crispy rice and lentil crepe, filled with spiced potatoes and green peas. The Dosa comes on a platter - as you can see it takes up half the table - so definitely come hungry or find someone to share with. I've never had anything like it!

My most favourite menu item and regardless of whatever other things we order I just cannot visit Classic Indian without getting the chenna masala! For those of you out there who have never tried chenna masala, it is a chickpea dish and the sauce is a thick onion gravy - just spicy enough! It is a little bit of heaven, I am telling you. I've tried making it at home and it is just not worth it, it is nowhere near as good as this one.

And finally, coconut rice (basmati rice with coconut and raisins) - a new favourite of ours!

Although that was more than enough food for lunch (we definitely didn't eat for the rest of the day), we decided to take a bit of the restaurant home with us in the form of a jar of the famous Classic Indian mullugtwanny soup.

The first time I tried this soup was a couple months ago when I had come down with a pretty mean head cold and had absolutely no appetite whatsoever. Work sent me home and I knew I needed to eat something before passing out for a few hours and so Paul went and got me some of this soup. It was so warm and flavourful and with all those lentils and pureed vegetables it surely provided my immune system with a boost. It was definitely the silver lining to an otherwise pretty crappy day.

I am so happy that they sell it in just-add-water jar form - made for some pretty awesome weekday lunches last week!

Although we normally dine in, I also want to comment on their amazingly efficient online takeout ordering system. I always panic a bit when using online ordering systems for the first time. I think it comes from being vegan and the concern that animal products are somehow going to make their way into my order when I can't tell an actual person what I need. The really cool thing about Classic Indian is that after we placed our last takeout order via the website they actually called us to verify! Maybe I am getting overly excited about it but seriously, in this day and age such amazing customer service can be so hard to come by. You can tell that Chef Thiru and the staff at Classic Indian really want to make sure their customers have an enjoyable experience, regardless of whether they enjoy their menu options in the restaurant or at home.

Classic Indian
150 Wissler Road
Waterloo, ON N2K 3C6
(519) 746-1976


Sasha said...

That looks really good. I find Indian food is really good or you eat it later and say..ah that was not a good choice. Thanks for sharing

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