Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Polenta Pie

I am on a bit of a time crunch this week. With my holidays starting tomorrow, I am trying to cram a week's worth of paperwork into three days as well as get ready for our upcoming Los Angeles trip. But in between billing and scheduling at work and frantically getting our house/dog ready for her house/dogsitters at home, I wanted to quickly share this pretty little pie that really needs no elaboration.

It is nothing more than a homemade polenta pie shell filled with roasted veggies - mushrooms, zucchini, carrot, bell pepper. It is a great refrigerator cleaner, as pretty much anything goes. I've made many, many, many polenta dishes but the turning point for this recipe is the sweet kick provided by the maple syrup.

The only real complaint that I have is that it really doesn't hold together all that well, which is why the obligatory "slice of pie" photo is not being posted. Because it doesn't exist. Because the slice came out as a big, saucy clump-of-polenta-and-vegetables. Delicious, but horribly, horribly unattractive.

The next time I use this recipe I am going to remedy this by using a smidge less water and also by tossing it back in the oven just for a quick few minutes in order to give the topping a chance to firm up without getting too hard. I'm also going to throw in some beans - white kidney would go really well, I think - just to make it a bit more hearty.

The recipe comes from How it All Vegan and a digital version can be found here.


Kia said...

Hi! I love polenta...but I never eat a polenta I want try your recipe!!!^__^ I discover your blog right now and I like it!!! I'm Vegan and I have a blog…come in and leave me your review about it! Bye ^__^

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