Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegan Adventures in Los Angeles - Part Three: Flore Vegan (Silverlake, CA)

We didn't adjust to the time change so well. I must have been a rooster in a past life because I get up at the exact same time every single day. 7:15am EST. It doesn't matter if I went to bed at 9pm or 4am, my eyes always open at 7:15am and I despite all my inner threats to myself, I sincerely struggle at falling back asleep. Sometimes, when the stars are aligned, I can force myself to fall back asleep but even then I cannot sleep past 9am, even if I only have four or five hours of sleep under my belt.

This means that in Los Angeles I was up and at 'em at 6am every morning.

At first this was cause for alarm, but after I flipped on the TV I realized that there is some divine reason that my internal clock is so rigid - early Friday morning, four back-to-back episodes of Saved By the Bell were being aired. FOUR! Oh, happy day.

So that tied me over until 9am, which was a more socially acceptable time to leave the hotel. We worked up an appetite by trekking up to the Hollywood sign and then headed to Flore Vegan in Silverlake for lunch.

For every restaurant we went to we gave ourselves extra time for the journey, assuming we were going to hit some of that legendary Los Angeles traffic. It turns out that we didn't have a hard time getting anywhere the entire time we were there. This meant that we were standing and salivating outside of Flore for twenty minutes or so before they even opened. It gave us ample time to agonize over the menu from their patio. What a heart-wrenching foodie experience...knowing that you have one shot at a restaurant and there are thirty some odd things you want to try.

We started with smoothies. Paul got the Raw Superfruit Smoothie (Blueberry, Mangosteen, Strawberry, Orange, Agave). I was still nursing a little bit of jetlag, so I got the Raw Mint Cooler (Mint, Cucumber, Apple, Agave) hoping it would calm my stomach.

It sure did the trick!

Next came the main course...

Avocado and Cheese Sandwich & Potato Salad
From the menu: The traditional hippie sandwich of cashew cheese, green leaf, tomato, daikon sprout, avocado and eggless mayonaise on 6-grain bread.

Tempeh Reuben & Potato Salad
From the menu: Grilled reuben served on rye with layers of cashew cheese, tempeh, sauerkraut, tofu cheese and 1000 Island dressing.

We selected well and everything was beyond amazing. All the same, I am still devastated over the fact that there are so many other things on the Flore menu that I won't get a chance to try. The Avocado-Seitan Salad, the Breakfast Burrito. Traveling is awesome, don't get me wrong, but going away always triggers immediate wanderlust and vegan food envy.

We were stuffed and satisfied but couldn't resist dessert. I chose the table closest to the dessert display (unintentionally of course) and so I spent our lunch weighing my dessert options.

I couldn't resist the Strawberry Shortcake. Seriously, who could? It was the cutest little cake in the display and I had to have it. And it tasted even better than it looked!

Flore Vegan is vegan dining as it's meant to be - delicious options with a focus on fresh, plant-based items. They go easy on the sauces and "extras" because they can - these fruits, vegetables and legumes are so flavourful all on their own and Flore puts together in the most perfect combinations, making for some of the tastiest sandwiches we've ever had. Should we ever find ourselves in the L.A. area again, you know we will be hitting up Flore for to try some of those other menu options.

Or I'll get the Avo-Cheese again, because it was that good and when something isn't broken you're not supposed to fix it. Or so I've heard.

Flore Vegan
3818 W. Sunset Blvd.
Silverlake, CA 90026
(323) 953-0611


Bliss Doubt said...

I've never actually had a daikon sprout, or seen any, to my knowledge. Must look for that.

I'm enjoying the restaurant chronicles.

Mary said...

Bliss - glad you are enjoying them! I also had never tried a daikon sprout/seen a daikon sprout here in the great white north. Definitely a treat! said...

Wow, everything looks so good! Only being able to try one or two things at restaurants is the only thing I dislike about travelling, I always wonder if I've chosen the wrong thing!

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