Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gnocchi with Red Beans

Oh my goodness. I have had no time to breathe as of late.

But I hate it when I don't have time to update, because I want as much vegan deliciousness on the web as often as possible. On my blog and every other blog out there. This is Vegan is a simple hobby of mine, but at the same time I like to think of myself as contributing to positive images of veganism, even with my poor photography skills and my borderline incompetence in the kitchen. The bottom line is that day after day we're smacked in the face with charges about veganism's "harmfulness", we're teased by the mainstream for our rigidity with regard to our beliefs, or we're simply forced to listen to tarty celebs running their mouths. I like to focus less on this (although there are some instances where an anti-vegan topic is just insane enough for me to discuss) and more on the best part of veganism - the food!

So while I currently don't have the time to devote hours to my beloved kitchen and subsequently have very little blogging material to work with, my busy-ness gives me a good opportunity to talk about how vegans do fast food.

Because YES, even vegans are sometimes too busy and frazzled to remember to soak their cashews two hours in advance. And YES, vegans do like food on the go and it often has nothing to do with a drive thru (although I'll admit it, I'm not too good for a drive thru on particularly desperate afternoons or particularly drunken midnights).

So here's a quick one, courtesy of Vegetarian Times. If you want to get fancy you can make your own gnocchi (aka "potato dumplings" aka "pasta potatoes") because it's relatively easy to do so, but it's also sold in vacuum-sealed packages in most mainstream supermarkets and takes all of five minutes to boil.

Boil it. Toss it with garlic, beans, roasted red peppers, tomato sauce, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes. And really, anything else you like (like capers!).

You are done and consuming your protein, calcium and iron in less than ten minutes. Recipe here, but you don't even really need a recipe.

I feel like I'm talking really fast, even though I'm not talking at all. Happy eating, my blog friends, I promise to devote more time to you soon!


janet said...

Poor photography skills, no way! This looks so mouth-watering good! Keep up with the tasty recipes.. less posts means you only share the best! :)

Bliss Doubt said...

Mary, you do contribute to positive images of veganism with your food presentations, your reviews of books and restaurants, and most of all, your crazy dry humor. I LMAO every time I read your blog.

Those who attack the rigidity of veganism have no clue how rigid they are in their own beliefs about food. They are only comfortable following the greater trend.

Mary said...

Janet - thanks so much for the compliments, I love hearing from readers :)

Bliss - you are always so kind and encouraging! If I ever introduce a "favourite blog follower" category you will surely be the front runner :)

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