Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diner Night at Cafe Pyrus, Kitchener

Every summer, Kitchener holds a "Cruising on King" event. For one night every July, the downtown area takes a trip to the past. Locals are encouraged to bring their old cars down to King Street for a parade and last night they even did an open-air screening of Grease in the middle of our downtown core.

My sprained ankle prevented me from participating in pretty much all of the events, although I did get to see a man dressed as Elvis on Charles Street around 8pm and I will take what I can get. One thing I didn't have to miss out on, however, was grabbing a table at Cafe Pyrus and enjoying some '50s diner-inspired tasty treats made specifically for last night's event.

What you see up there is a Fruit Punch Float and a Chocolate Milkshake, perfect for a sweltering July night. As I mentioned in my previous post I don't really drink pop so I was very excited to hear that it was a blend of fruit juices with just a little bit of ginger ale, along with some orange sorbet, a much healthier alternative to the typical '50s floats. Similarly, the shakes were made with frozen banana so I didn't have to feel too guilty about sampling the ones that Paul ordered (yes, that is plural!).

While we were there we of course had dinner and although I've blogged about Pyrus many times before I just can't stop sharing the deliciousness that is their menu.

The Mango Antojitos with cashew cream cheese are my new menu favourite.

Paul had his usual Crispy Tofu Sandwich.

And we shared an order of the Mac'n'Cheeze.

For dessert on Diner Night, we shared a Strawberry Shortcake and a Vanilla Shake.

I love theme nights (in case you couldn't tell via the various theme parties we host and attend for birthdays/holidays/etc) so I hope Pyrus does another one sometime soon! They are so great at coming up with unique, animal-free foodstuffs.

Cafe Pyrus
14 Charles St W
Kitchener, ON
(519) 954-7705


sara said...

it all looks great, but those mango wraps really caught my eye. they look like they'd be perfect for a light, summertime dinner.

Kim said...

Oh wow... looks so god!
I've been there only once but really liked it, I'll have to try it out again.
Is the mac & cheese good? Does it give you good memories of KD? ;p

gucci outlet online said... looks very delicious snacks, i want wait to have a try.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just ate a late lunch today at Pyrus, mostly because of your blog post ... and one of my favourite musicians, Allison Brown, will be there July 20 so it was on my mind ... it was fresh and delicious, the mango antijitos as well as a sandwich with avocado (can't remember the name), double chocolate bran muffin and peanut butter cookie! Thanks for posting, because when I searched "Pyrus" on google, your entry is the first hit that comes up, and that's what brought me there today! cheers, Lee

Mary said...

Sara - they really are the perfect summer snack.

Kim - The mac and cheese is really awesome...they have a typical vegan cheeze sauce (I'm thinking nooch?) but then top it off with Daiya. So yum!

Gucci - They make such great food!

Lee - So glad you enjoyed yourself at Pyrus. It's our home away from home. The ALT is one of my standard orders (it's always between the ALT and the Club). They're really great about mixing up their standard menu with special daily deals and options. It always keeps us coming back!

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