Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Mighty Tempeh Sandwich

I made the most amazing soup! And then I forgot to take a picture! Unbelievable. I even have a recipe for it that I can share. Mofo is seriously frying my brain - is it considered poor form to say how relieved I am that it's almost over? I love you Mofo, but I'm exhausted.

The soup will have to wait until I make it again. For now, my new favourite sandwich. Pan-fried tempeh with some leftover tomato sauce and Daiya melted on top. Topped with tomato and baby spinach and layered on 8-grain bread. All Paul's idea. What an amazing lunch!


jessy said...

i'm gonna have to recreate this sammie - it looks awesome and sounds just as delicious as it looks. mmmm! MoFo's frying my brain too - it's alll goood. :)

Mary said...

Jessy - it's so amazing, it kind of tastes like a meatball sub!

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