Friday, October 28, 2011

Vegetable Rundown

I have a slight addiction to buying cookbooks. I just love them so much! There is no way that I will ever live long enough to try all the recipes that I have bookmarked in my cookbook collection. I'm not even sure I will live long enough to try half of the recipes that I have bookmarked in my cookbook collection.

This is further complicated by the fact that I also have a slight addiction to vegan blogs. And emailing myself recipes from all these vegan blogs. I work through the recipes that I email myself from oldest to newest and I am currently making recipes that I bookmarked in 2009. I'm only getting to them now! There are just too many vegan recipes and too little time to try them all. It keeps me up at night.

This one here is from the Show Me Vegan blog, a really awesome blog that sadly hasn't been updated in over a year. We've loved everything every one of the Show Me Vegan recipes that we've tried, so I hope the author will come back soon with more great meal ideas.

In the meantime, give this Vegetable Rundown a try. A Jamaican-style stew-and-rice combo made with vegetables, habanero and coconut milk and seasoned with thyme and lots of allspice; it's off the stove and in your belly within a half an hour.


janet @ the taste space said...

I can't believe that you work your way through your bookmarks chronologically.. that's nuts! I kind of keep track of my recipes and when I feel like making something I do a search. :)

Mary said...

Janet - I know, I'm so crazy! I honestly can't believe I do it either. I think I do it because otherwise I'd probably be making the same five dishes from the same two cookbooks every week!

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