Friday, November 18, 2011

Raw Fettucine Alfredo

Hello! I'm back (again). Turns out that this month our house has been selected as the place where technology goes to die. First my Blackberry gave out (hence my continued Twitter silence). Then my camera developed some lens issues (mainly that it wouldn't open) and then my laptop developed an attitude and refused to let me load the pictures that I did manage to take with said defective camera, hindering my ability to blog. On top of all that I haven't been feeling a hundred percent and have had little motivation to remedy any of these technological glitches.

I think I've got it sorted out now. Until the next meltdown.

Today's recipe is another one from Ani's Raw Kitchen uncookbook.

I'm still trying really hard to up my intake of living foods. I strive for one completely raw meal a day. Sure, it's usually just a kale smoothie of some sort, but it still counts (I think?). It helps. Any day I skip my smoothie I feel a noticeable change in energy levels and attitude and that motivates me to keep up with it even though truthfully I would much rather be eating some sort of tempeh-daiya-cheese scramble with a side of hazelnut mocha latte for breakfast.

When I'm feeling particularly adventurous and have a little time to kill I reach for Ani's book for my daily raw meal.

The thing is, it's cold here now. Really cold.

And we're cheap. Really cheap.

As in keeping our thermostat at an oppressively low temperature and using the money we save to buy wine. Piping hot soups and pastas and casseroles are what keep us from turning blue in the winter months. And I just can't seem to get the same effect from a raw meal.

I know that it's good for us, though. So I drink my smoothies while wearing mittens and make a break for the blankets after raw dinners.

I didn't mind this dish at all but I think I'll be more responsive to it in the summer months.

I had fun making fettucine out of zucchini with my beloved Titan peeler!

The alfredo sauce is Ani's garlic aioli and it is made from cashews, celery, onion, garlic and lemon.

One thing I've noticed with Ani's book is that her sauce recipes yield an alarming amount. I would imagine it's because these kinds of things are good to make in batches and use in different meals over the course of a week. If you don't want to do that you can totally half the recipe and still have an incredibly saucy raw fettucine alfredo.

Recipe for the dish is here and you can find the garlic aioli recipe here. Make sure you sprinkle the finished product with tons of freshly cracked black pepper. What's alfredo without black pepper?!


Bliss Doubt said...

Welcome back Mary.

Today my boss went out to lunch with her friend and returned telling me "We found a restaurant you should try. It's a vegetarian tea room".

Me: Really, what's it called?

Boss: I forget, vegera... tea room or something.

Me: How was the food?

Boss: I don't know. Neither of us is vegetarian so we left.

Me: I can understand not being vegetarian, but I can't imagine being so afraid of vegetarian food that you'd run away.

Boss: It wasn't because of that. We wanted Mexican food.

end of conversation

So, based on the location she gave me, I googled and found out the place is Vegeria, a new restaurant serving vegan Tex Mex cuisine. It's been all hailed in the vegan blogs I read, started by two local guys who wanted to serve great food in honor of their grandma, whose best expression of love was cooking for her family, and who passed away only a few weeks before the restaurant opened. I had no idea it was so close to my office. How my boss ever got "tea room" out of that, I'll never know.

Mary said...

Hm - weird! Sounds like you've stumbled on a great new place to try, though!

Bartenders License Online said...

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