Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Enchiladas + Neapolitan Shake

I have come to purchase/receive an alarming number of cookbooks over the last few months. First came my birthday. Then when Christmas came around and I got a couple as gifts I decided to put a pin in cookbook shopping for a little while, as there is no way that I'm going to be able to make all the recipes that I want to make (from all the cookbooks that I want to own) in my lifetime. I'm only 28 years old, so I hope that "lifetime" is a long time, but unless vegans start living to 200 years (if anyone's going to do it, we will!) there is no way that I'm going to get around to all these recipes.

That being said, I couldn't resist buying just one more cookbook. And I actually had an Amazon gift certificate, so this was really a No-Harm-No-Foul situation. I was just at the point in my life where I really needed to own a Happy Herbivore cookbook.

I learned about Lindsay Nixon, the Happy Herbivore, via Twitter. How 2012 of me!

An active tweeter herself, Lindsay has quite the following over on Twitter and her supporters (the adorably named "Herbies") are always making me drool when they tweet about the amazing meals they're making out of her cookbooks. Once I tried her Peanut Buttercup Smoothie I knew that I had to lift the ban on cookbook buying so that I could include a hardcopy of some of her recipes. And truthfully, a lot of the cookbooks I've recently gotten feature a lot of really delicious vegan meals, but are not anywhere near fat-free or calorie conscious. Of course, I'm by no means a calorie counter, nor am I one to avoid the more natural plant-based fats. But that being said, it was time to balance the themes of my cookbooks out a little bit and include some low-fat and low-calorie recipes in my weekly roster, too.

Once I convinced myself that I needed yet another cookbook, all that was left was deciding between Lindsay's first cookbook, The Happy Herbivore and her more recent "quick-and-easy" cookbook, Everyday Happy Herbivore. After much soul searching I ultimately went with Everyday Happy Herbivore, as I'm not only lacking in the low-fat cookbook department, I am also without a lot of simple, everyday cookbooks. I work until 6pm Monday to Friday and by the time I battle the traffic on my commute, it is often close to 7pm when I finally get home. By that point I'm so ravenous that my aptly named alter ego "HUNGOR" has taken over my brain and time is of the essence when getting dinner on the table.

While I did choose Everyday Happy Herbivore, I'm sure Happy Herbivore will be one of the cookbooks I buy when I'm back to buying cookbooks again. Which will probably be next week.

The first recipe I made from EHH was for White Enchiladas. Dinner was done in 15 minutes, prep time included! I don't think I've ever made dinner that quickly. I also loved it because it gave me an excuse to buy a bottle of salsa verde/tomatillo salsa:

In this recipe, salsa verde is used to liven up slightly blended chickpeas, and together, along with spices, it makes the filling for the enchiladas.

The enchilada sauce for this recipe is a spicy, cheezy number, courtesy of green chiles and nutritional yeast.

Now, the reason this meal is done so quickly is because other than the sauce, it's heated in the microwave. I know that many vegans (and non-vegans alike) are opposed to microwaves and that's cool because I think this would come together deliciously in a toaster oven, too. I myself am not wild over microwaves but I do own one and I turn to it in busy times of need. Furthermore, a microwave is the only cooking appliance I've got at work, and with a little prep ahead of time to make the sauce, this meal is a perfect "Packed Lunch" candidate for me.

For dessert, I made the Happy Herbivore Neapolitan smoothie! Except I likely put in too much frozen banana because it was thick beyond thick - more like a shake than a smoothie. Which actually worked out because a milkshake is what I was craving at the time. I ended up forgoing the straw altogether and ate it like soft-serve ice cream. Yum!

Linday has an amazing blog, found here. A lot of the recipes featured in her cookbooks are also found there. It looks like the recipe for the White Enchiladas is cookbook only (once again, it's found in Everyday Happy Herbivore) but you can find the recipe for the smoothie here.

Anyone else tried any recipes from Everyday Happy Herbivore? Any favourites that I should bookmark?


Kim said...

That looks yummy! I'm having a hard time with my no cookbook buying too. I got Rawvolution for Christmas and borrowed Ripe from Around Here from the library to curb my buying habit and I just want to buy it 'cause I love so many recipes ;p
Oh and so much for my trying to cut back on pb - I have to try that smoothie holy crap!
Mmm peanut butter.

Bliss Doubt said...

Mmm, looks and sounds delicious. I was wondering why vegans are opposed to microwaves. I've never heard about that. I'm just asking. I don't use one. When I move into a place, I just use what's there. I don't have a blow dryer for the same reason, although I once moved into a dorm room that had a blow dryer that someone left behind, so I used it.

Mary said...

Kim - I really need to start utilizing the library for cookbooks. But I fear that if I do that I will just spend all my money photocopying anyway!

Bliss - It's not so much a vegan thing to dislike microwaves as it is an issue of interest to those concerned about food safety and personal health. There's not necessarily a direct connection between veganism and microwaves that's fed into a boycott or anything like that. My statement probably should have said "some people" rather than "some vegans" although it does seem like vegans are more likely to be opposed to microwaves than non-vegans (as an extension of overall health consciousness, I would assume - of course this is just one of my musings and I could be all wrong). There have been a lot of studies since the introduction of microwaves decades ago, discussing the hazards of the machines both in terms of individual health and the nutritional integrity of the food that's been nuked all relating to the use of radiation to heat and re-heat, etc. I don't know all of the details of all of the studies. Although I probably should, if I'm going to continue to use my microwave. Time to do some research!

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