Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick Round-Up

I took a quick inventory of my iPhoto library and realized that I have a ton of food photos I haven't posted about yet. I liked all the recipes and will make all the meals again, I just don't have all that much to say about them since so much time has passed since I initially made them. So here's a quick post in between work and dinner that features two of them!

The picture you see above is for Rainbow Rice and Beans from the VeganYumYum cookbook. You can also find it here, on the VeganYumYum blog. Along with all the recipe's recommendations, I also included a half bunch of steamed kale and it worked out deliciously!

This one here is Tex Mex Tempeh and Penne from Show Me Vegan. I haven't been a big fan of the pasta-tempeh combo in the past, but this dish made me a believer!

The one bummer was that when I went to chop the bell pepper that I had bought for this dish it had very clearly gone bad. Stupid winter and your sub-par produce! Loving the spring-like weather we've been having as of late, because it means proper produce is on the horizon. I look forward to getting the full effect of this dish once Ontario bell peppers are available.

Both of these meals are great weeknight dinners, coming together super quickly. They are both ideal Meatless Monday meals for those new to vegan food, since ingredients are so straightforward and fairly easy to come by. If tempeh isn't your thing or isn't readily accessible to you, sub in some black beans to keep the Tex Mex theme going without sacrificing the protein and calcium components of the meal. Yum!


Kim said...

Yea- I actually tried the beans & rice from Yum Yum and liked it.

Oooh that tempeh & penne sounds good. I have not wanted to try tempeh in my pasta, but definitely willing to try it out =)
Btw - those tinkyada noodles, I find that the penne ones have the best texture.

Deb said...

Nice plug for Meatless Monday! I always try to make mine vegan, since I think of the whole 'Meatless Monday' concept as a challenge to omnivores, and it's just not challenging to me to have a vegetarian day, since most of my usual diet is.

I know there are a lot of people like myself who are focusing on sustainable, local, and ethical dairy and meat products when we are choosing to eat those foods. Meatless Monday is a fun way to engage people, just like Victory Gardens. I love that old propaganda-ey feeling these campaigns have to them.

Thanks for all of your awesome inspiration and your dedication to showing people what vegan is!

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