Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Banana Everything Cookies (and a Bachelorette Party)

Later this month, I will have the privilege of standing up for my longtime friend Kathy on her wedding day, as her Maid of Honour. You may recall that I don't like being referred to as "Matron" of Honour, even though that is technically what I am, because I'm dangerously close to 29 these days and that in itself is enough age-related trauma for right now. Kathy is letting me have this one.

This weekend we celebrated her soon-to-be walk down the aisle with a bachelorette adventure in Toronto. The bride and 20 of her friends boarded a yellow schoolbus (seriously, if you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to a limo, try a charter from your local school bus line - less than half the price!) and danced the night away at Rockwood + Grass in Toronto after a delicious dinner here in Kitchener.

It was a bachelorette, so obviously there was alcohol involved. And what's the one thing that goes hand-in-hand with drinking? The need for food immediately afterward. Since our bus turned into a pumpkin at 2am, which is exactly when the clubs close up, we knew we wouldn't have time for Toronto post-club food. Instead, we put together a little care package for the bus ride home. Chips, pretzels, water and sports drinks - just enough to soothe the stomach during that bumpy ride back to Kitchener. And schoolbuses are seriously bumpy. Especially in the backseat spots that we used to fight over as kids! Sure, it's been fifteen years since I took one to grade school everyday, but all the same I really and truly don't remember them being that uncomfortable. So much so that I needed a chiropractic adjustment this morning.  There's old age, rearing its ugly head again!

I wanted to bake some sweets for the care package too, but decided against my usual sugary cupcake varieties and decided to go with something a little more dense. These Banana Everything cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar fit the bill perfectly! You can also find the recipe on google books by clicking here. I used whole wheat flour instead of white all-purpose and raw cane sugar instead of white refined. A perfectly hearty cookie for a bunch of party girls and oh so easy to make. I especially love that I have all those ingredients on hand pretty much always.

Ready to go!
Me and the bride-to-be and bellinis!

Me and Tracy, on the big yellow party bus!

Lisa and Kathy on the big yellow party bus!

Kathy, Shauna and me at the club
Sam and Kathy at the club
Dance party!
And that's about it that can be posted here on the blog without much repercussion. Don't worry though, it was good clean fun. Mostly.  


Catherine said...

*LOVE* those bellinis! Fabulous looking bachelorette, too!

Mary said...

Thanks Catherine!

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