Friday, May 11, 2012

Herb-Marinated Grilled Vegetables + New World Red Rice

My love affair with Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen continues. Especially now that grilling season is once again upon us. Bryant has great recipes for all seasons, but in my opinion, his work really shines in the spring and summer months, when cookouts are aplenty. Here in Canada, next weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season with the May Two-Four (Victoria Day) weekend and our friends to the south celebrate their unofficial summer kick-off in two weeks time, with Memorial Day. It's time to start stockpiling some backyard grill recipes! And I've got a really great one to tell you about today.

We grill a lot in the spring and summer. We grill a bit in the fall, too. Lots of Canadians do it all year long, but we tend to skip the winter months since neither of us particularly enjoys being outside more than we have to in those months. Plus, abstaining from the backyard grill November thru February makes the return of spring all that more exciting.

We grill pretty much everything. Veggie burgers or giant portobellos in lieu of veggie burgers. Tofu and tempeh. Beans. Polenta. Quesadillas. And all the fruit and veggies you can imagine, to be served on their own or tossed with pastas, in salads or in wraps.

These veggies are good enough to eat on their own, so they are. You're technically supposed to peel the blackened parts off but for me, that is the best part! Bryant's recipe calls for summer squash, but we're a couple months off from having fresh local zucchini and yellow squash. Not the case for asparagus though, which is being pulled out of the ground by hard working farmers not too far from you as we speak. I couldn't resist using it instead.

I'm a Bryant Terry rice recipe fanatic, his Not-Too-Dirty Rice rice particularly blowing my mind whenever I have it. This New World Red Rice was a similar hit with me and I think it's all in the preparation. Bryant has you soak your rice before using it, and what results is a more sticky rice that reminds me of the way my mom's red rice tasted when I was growing up. Love it!

He doesn't call for beans in the rice, but I was pressure cooking my beans for the week the night I made this meal and made a little too much of the red kidney variety. So not to be wasteful, into the rice they went. Adding that extra protein made it okay for me to skip the tofu on the grill. Don't get me wrong, I love me some grilled tofu, but we had been eating a little too much tofu and tempeh in the days leading up to this grill night and our guts desperately needed a break.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to track down any legitimate digital copies of either of these recipes, so give Bryant Terry some support and pick up your very own copy of Vegan Soul Kitchen. I'm telling you right now, the Jamaican Patties alone are worth the price of the book.


Minty said...

Those veggies look so delicious and vibrant!

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