Thursday, May 3, 2012

(Raw) Flax Pancakes with Coconut Cashew Pudding + Banana

You may recall that one of my new year's resolutions this year was to set aside one weekend morning a month to go out of my way and make a delicious breakfast. Something other than my usual bowl of goji berries + Ezekiel cereal, or green smoothie, or overnight oats. I grew up despising breakfast food but it turns out that it wasn't breakfast food that I didn't like as much as it was non-vegan breakfast food. Just thinking about bacon makes me gag uncontrollably and that is based on the tiniest bite I had once, about fifteen years ago, that I promptly spit back out into a paper towel. And I wasn't even vegetarian then!

Anyway, our special January breakfast was blueberry waffles. February was Strawberry Cream Cheeze French Toast and March was an old favourite of ours, Tofu Rancheros.

And then April rolled around and I was so busy that I completely forgot about my resolution! Luckily, I remembered on the very last day of the month. So instead of a leisurely weekend breakfast experiment, it was a quick Monday morning breakfast experiment. And this proved to be the perfect weekday breakfast because I was able to do the prep work the night before.

We have a little Saturday morning tradition that we follow through with every week that we can. A stack of traditional pancakes with maple syrup and four episodes of The Littlest Hobo, a really corny tv show about a stray German Shepherd that wanders around saving the day. He saves kidnapped children from their captors and farm animals from wildfire. He ruins mafia plans to steal precious jewels and stops bank robberies. It's 1980s Canadian television at its finest. We spend all week looking forward to Saturday morning Hobo and pancakes because we are nerds like that.

The concept of raw pancakes caused a bit of a moral dilemma in our household, because we love the traditional fluffy, gluteny pancake oh so much. But the clock was running out on my April breakfast-of-the-month and I already had all the ingredients on hand to make them so it was a real no-brainer. I'm so glad that I did! The recipe comes from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo.

These pancakes are mostly made out of flax, meaning they are an excellent way to get your omega-3 fatty acids on.

The topping I used is a raw coconut-cashew pudding, also from Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. I've used it in the past, when making raw fruit parfaits. I'm addicted to Ani's puddings, this one being my favourite. Her carob pudding, which I made as a dip for a fruit platter for a ladies' brunch potluck a couple months ago, would also be delicious with these pancakes.

And then the final touch is freshly sliced fruit of your choice. I can't wait until summer, when I can make this with fresh Ontario blueberries (my most favourite of all the fruits!)

Obviously, these are not the same as traditional pancakes. While traditional pancakes are fluffy and quite bland (in a good way, don't get me wrong), raw flax pancakes are dense and chewy. Calling them pancakes may offend pancake purists out there, which might be why Ani refers to them as "breakfast cakes" instead. I don't care though, I love 'em, and I'm calling 'em raw vegan pancakes - further proof that there is a perfectly adequate raw answer to just about everything under the sun!


Angel said...

The Littlest Hobo!!! LOL! I'm also an 80s kid from Canada and I remember that crime fighting dog!

I'm a big fan of Ani Phyo as well, and her flax pancakes are awesome (especially if you don't have a dehydrator).

When I made this recipe a few years ago I can't remember what I ate the pancakes with, but your idea of cashew cream and a banana is genius. Looks yum!

Christina Matrone said...

I saw the Ezekiel cereal at the store and was tempted to buy it but it's so expensive for such a little box! I love Ezekiel bread though. Is the cereal good?

Kim said...

Mmmm yummy those look so good! I'm super sad that my cookbook is on it's way to Cali (as well as my processor and dehydrator and probably everything else I would possibly need to make these). I'm so making these as soon as I get out there =)

Mary said...

Angel - Glad to hear of another Hobo fan!
I have a dehydrator but it's really, really old and really, really loud so I love when I find raw recipes that have the "bread" component without having to use it.

Christina - It is quite pricy but it's such a dense cereal I find myself eating way less of it than I would other cereals. And it is pretty much the only breakfast cereal I've ever found that has a decent ingredients list. I like the cereal, but it's not your typical breakfast cereal so it's best if you're not expecting it to taste like other cereals (it has absolutely no sugar in it at all). I like to sprinkle in some goji berries or even raisins, as well as a dash of cinnamon, just to spruce it up a bit. They have a really great one that's kind of like a raisin bran, but it's not always available, so I typically buy the almond one and add the berries + cinnamon myself.

Kim - Hope you like them as much as we did!

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