Wednesday, May 30, 2012

S'mores Cupcakes (& Paul's 29th Birthday)

Our amazing friends got married this past weekend, and I was the proud of maid of honour. Meaning last week was SO. SUPER. BUSY. So busy that I can't believe I'm only getting to this post now. But I figured that if I didn't do it now, there would be a good chance that Paul would turn 30 before I got a chance to tell you about the S'mores cupcakes I made when he turned 29.

Paul was born on May 20th. Meaning that he always celebrates his birthday on the May TwoFour, which is notorious here in Canada for cottages, camping, beaches and other types of summertime debauchery. Technically, we're celebrating Queen Victoria. But really, we're celebrating the end of parka season. It's the unofficial start to summer here in Canada and the weather is usually absolute crap.

Because it's always so cold, or rainy (on Paul's 19th birthday, in 2002, it actually snowed!) we don't usually bother trying to head to the beach. Plus, we're kind of old now and it feels weird making the trek to Grand Bend with all the high school and college kids. Instead, we make ourselves cozy on the patios of various local establishments as well as the one attached to our own house. Since it's his birthday, we're always sure to invite some friends, too!

I thought the S'mores cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World were fitting for a May TwoFour birthday boy, since so many people were spending the night around bonfires (not us though - we have yet to add one of those to our backyard but I can see it in the near future!) and they were super yummy. The recipe is available on Google Books, and you can find it here (just scroll down a little bit). The white bit is just the standard buttercream that I frost all my cupcakes with, but once you pair it with some graham cracker and melted chocolate it is so marshmallow-like!

Summer 2012 has just kicked off and this would be a great recipe for upcoming long weekends, cookouts and camping trips. Anywhere where there are shorts, campfires and sparklers, there should also be S'mores cupcakes.

Happy Birthday, PK! One more year til the Big 3-0!


Kim said...

Best wife ever!!!!! Mmmm S'mores cupcakes. That's been on my to-make list for awhile now... Yum =)

The Countess said...

The cupcakes look sooo good, I own the book but I never got around making the S'mores cupcakes because everyone practically demands that I make the chocolate ones^^

Sandy said...

Just came across your blog.
I really love it!
Thanks for taking the time to do this! :-)

Sandy said...

Just came across your blog for the first time today.
It looks awesome.
Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Karen said...

wondering where you've gone and if all is well. i miss your posts!

Karen said...

miss your postings, hope all is okay!

lizziefit said...

These cupcakes look to die for. I LOVE smores! Just came across your blog while researching vegan options at common restaurants and found your post on Jack Astor's. Looking forward to reading more :)

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